It’s official.

I am not made for T.V.

For some reason, the opportunity comes up now and then – and as much as I wish I could say it felt comfortable, natural even….it just doesn’t.  I’m not nervous with the people I am talking to, I just clam up – well, like a clam.  My mouth get’s dry, I sweat, my eyes get big, and my sentences don’t make sense.

I was asked to do a quick segment about how to make home made confetti, which I had prepared for the photo booth at the blog party last night.  (which was a raging success by the way).  It took me around five hours, lots of tissue paper, and a numb thumb – but in the end, it was worth it.  I decided as I was punching out the confetti, that it was a lot like motherhood – it takes a lot of patience, and persistence, but in the end it is worth it.

I tried to say that to the camera, and I felt like I was on an infomercial…

My inner self was watching me from the other side of the T.V. screen, pointing and rip roaring – laughing at my pathetic attempt to be another Katie Couric.  Oprah, my house goes off to you.  I think if I had lots of practice, I could become comfortable …  maybe.

Long story short, it should be shown on the news in the next week or so.  I should be at the cabin, so I can hide behind the lodge pole pine trees in Wyoming, as you watch and laugh.  Watch for my self done, gel nail that chipped off when I was getting the drinks ready at the event, watch for my stained clevage from the purple confetti that fell down my dress (hopefully you can’t see that part).

In the end, it was worth the humiliation.  I met lots of fun bloggers, and business owners.  There were so many creative people there, and it was fun to get to know other people that share my love for writing and sharing.  The prizes were darling, Soel boutique was beautiful, the food was magazine perfect, and the sun shone bright.  If I get up some guts, I’ll share the link of the news clip when it is released, so you can see 🙂

Until then, I have some inclination to begin speaking classes, because I have a feeling at some point I need to be more comfortable speaking in front of cameras and people.  United Way let me know that they are planning on putting my face on their bus that drives around and around town, and take me to help get donations from businesses – and quite frankly, I need to know how to look someone in the face, and not get a dry mouth and shake.  Although, I am leaps and bounds more comfortable when I don’t have a speaker attached to me and a camera in my face.  (remember the united way video they shot of me?)

Here is a link to Jane, my new friend that threw the party with some pretty great friends of hers. She posted some pictures of the event, if you want to take a glance.  She also has a really successful life style blog, that features crafts she makes – home design – clothing – and lots of other fun stuff! 

Have a great summer day!

I wish I could have more of you.  I know a lot of my readers are spread out all over the world, so it’s hard to meet you in real life, but  a girl can dream – right?  I’ll post more photo’s of the amazing event soon!

ps. Guess who I met?

Jef, with one F – From the Bachelor