I thought today, it would be fun to share some of my favorite things.

Over the years, you pick up this or that and add it to your “must have” things in your home.  So, I thought I would spill the beans!  I am sure I will add to this list/label as time goes on, but let’s get started today.

In no particular order…

Here at Pink Moss, we LOVE….

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell.

I am not kidding you, when ever I wear this stuff, people ask me what smells good.  Men, women, children, even babies snuggle up closer.  It almost has a candy smell to it, which isn’t my normal cup of tea, but whatever it is…it’s intoxicating.  I can walk into a room full of people, and sniff out if someone is wearing this stuff.  And, I don’t know about you but, keeping about little bit of spell in my purse can only be a good thing.

Move into the make up section of things, and the first thing that comes to mind, is my

bobbi brown blush in {peony}

 I buy a lot of cheap makeup, but there are some things I will go back for and spend a little bit more.  This is one of those.  It is the perfect color, for me anyway.  When I bought it the first time, I remember the make up artist saying that it was a great color for everyone, although I can’t personally  promise that.

Next on my list?

My Boar Hair Brush

I’m sure this will sound like a duh…. to many of you, but really I have had a brush like this in my bathroom now for about 19 years!  It is the perfect brush to get height on the crown of your head, and smooth out the cuticle for nice soft hair.  It takes a lot of practice, getting used to rolling your wrist – but it is worth it.  Make sure the hair is almost dry (finger dried) before you start trying to round brush your hair, or it will take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I would bet there are tutorials on youtube, if you want t visual – because heaven knows I don’t have time to record one for you, right now anyway.

hmmm number four…

One of the more current, and trendy things you will find in my home is lots of

colorful fingernail polish.  My girls mix and match, many colors and follow lots of fun ideas on pinterest.

and lastly…

Bath and Body Works Hand Soap

Once again, I am starting off with my very basic loves that I feel like everyone already uses (maybe not?) but I had to share.  Bath and Body works has a million fragrances for lotions and soaps.  And, for great prices!  I always go when they have a great sale *like 5 for 10$ or something* and stock up for months.  Every bathroom you go into in our home, it’s like taking a trip somewhere when you wash your hands.  They kids love to use it because it smells so good, and I can always check if they have just by smelling them!

Have a great weekend!

Do you have any favorites you want to share with me?

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