Have you ever noticed, that I don’t have any advertising on my blog?  There is a reason for that.  I don’t mind looking at advertising when I visit other blogs, in fact, quite often I enjoy them.  It’s a fun way to hop around and check out other fun sites, or products.


I find that most people want advertising space on blogs for free, or next to rock bottom prices.  They want to spend what they would for parking at a public lot.  As if, they can pull in for a few hours – park their car, or ad, and pay $10.00

Maybe it’s the business side of me, and I over estimate myself as a “mommy blogger”, but ten bucks isn’t worth turning my site into an advertising agency.  I am contacted several times a week, by people wanting to “pay” me for plopping their business here on Pink Moss, or do “a free guest post”.  As you see, I haven’t taken their offer.  I spend hours a week putting together posts.  I have blogged for three years consistently, building a friendship online – and a trust with you, that random businesses don’t have. 

To me, that is worth something. 

Am I wasting my time, trying to stand up for all the mommy blogger’s in blogosphere?  Maybe probably, but mommy bloggers are worth more than that.  Most settle for a tiny fee, just wanting to bring in any money….and I understand why.  They figure, if I’m going to spend so much time, I may as well get SOMETHING out of it,  and I don’t blame them.  I just know what our business pays for a billboard on the freeway, or a tiny add in a random magazine *lots* and I guarantee there are loads of mommy bloggers out there that have a bigger audience than some of the magazines we pay to put our business add in. 

Someday, I may have advertisers on my blog – but they will understand the relationship that you and I have built.  I will have to like their product, and what they have to say, before I share it with you.  And, they will pay me more than the cost of a sandwich and a diet coke, to be here.  After all, we as mother’s are the ones that control 85% of consumer dollars.  Online businesses are just starting to figure this out.  What can I say?  Women ROCK, (and like to spend money 🙂


What do you think is a fair price to put an add on a blog?