This time of the year ZOOOOMS by.


May came and went, before I ever realized what happened.  I went to Connecticut the first week, and took the next week to catch up.  I have been taking 2 photography classes *in my spare time..* usually, at about 11:00 pm- 12:30 or so.  Just to keep me focused, I have been training for my first half marathon.  I ran my first 13 miles last Saturday, and it took me several days to walk right again.  Good news though, I was able to run again today.  I was a little worried I hurt my knees and wouldn’t be able to run the race.  Running the kids here and there, for their end of the year parties. Oh, I also spent about 12 hours with Vicki Winterton, a professional organizer, that whipped Pink Moss right into shape!

Here are the top things that stood out to me, as she worked by my side.

She basically diagnosed me with being “Extremely visual, and right brained.” Now, I guess we could take that in a few ways.  I choose to believe that she was complementing my creative side, and not so scared of my cupboards, she wanted to run away.  I think she was thoroughly amused when she asked me to organize my spices, and I put them together according to their lid color, and height – instead of by what the spice actually was.

Or possibly, she came up with that diagnosis when I spent 30 minutes staring at my glass front cupboard, because she was encouraging me to move my pretty, green, depression glass that I have been collecting for a few years, into another place that I just couldn’t stare at all the time.  I guess I get her theory, that we want to be able to actually use the white dishes inside, and not break things when we pull them out.  But really, is it more important to stare at lovely dishes or use them?  I say stare…I found the same trend over and over again, as she mentioned how many pots and pans I had, but I never cook…at least it looks as if I cook.  The only thing that gets real usage in my kitchen is the crock pot, juicer, a pan, microwave, and the cookie sheet.  Add the BBQ from outside, and that is all I ever need.  A sandwich doesn’t use all that fancy stuff anyway, that’s why I love them.

Viki and I are tight friends now.  She is functional, I am visual – but we were like two peas in a pod.  She was very sweet, and told me that she never had tea parties with her kids on depression glass, to try to make me feel better for storing some of every object, in every room in my house.  You see, I try.  I organize all the time, but it took someone sitting down with me and plotting out my house, and where we use things the most…and then moving everything to that spot – with a tote and label, of course!  You should see my house now, it looks like the organization isle from Target.

Thank you Viki.  Seriously, she is amazing.  My paperwork, bills, kids homework, laundry room, and kitchen, are impeccable now. 

So today on my run, I was a bit distracted.  I believe it is because I could hardly move, after the 13 miles I ran on Saturday.  So, I did what any other “right brained, extremely visual” runner would do.

I stopped, and took pictures.

and when I finally got home, Handsome and I decided that we needed to clean off the back deck, 

so we could start eating outside again for the summer.  

We swept, and he watered the weeds.


Today is Brighton’s soccer tryouts!

(while the rest of us eat slushies and watch)

Wish her luck!

{really – truly – she is pretty talented.  I think she will do well}

Have a beautiful summer day!