I have decided, I will never speak the words “just a mom” again. Mothers
are powerful, beautiful, self sacrificing, and one of the biggest
catalyst of good in the world. A paycheck, or fancy title, does not
accompany motherhood, but everything that means anything, is nourished
by it.

Why is it that I hear myself, and many other mothers excuse their title away, like a bad habit?

Why do we feel the need to explain ourselves, like somehow others presume us to be lazy or settling for something other than the ideal?  How must my daughters feel when they hear me do this?  

The funny thing is, that I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else in the world.

I chose to change lots of diapers, underwear, and sheets.

I knew that it wasn’t a life of prestige or glamor.

I chose it anyway, so why not sound like I am proud of this decision?

I am proud of all the late nights I have spent rocking babies in my worn out pink lazy boy recliner.

I never want to forget the first time my girls danced to any beat they heard.

I always love watching the first time my kids really discover themselves in the mirror.  I cherish all the naps, with my babies curled up next to me, as I watch their tiny chest rise and fall as they make sucking movements with their little lips.  First steps and engrained in my mind, and their little voices tickle my memory. 

I wouldn’t trade being a mom, for the world.