Today was a grand day.

This post actually marks post ONE THOUSAND! Can you believe that? I can’t.  I checked, and rechecked that number when it popped up on blogger tonight.  My blog has been part of my journey.  Writing has developed my thoughts on a lot of things.  Who I am, what I believe, and also a lot of mindless chatter comes into play.  I am so happy whenever someone tells me they love reading it, because I love writing it. 

Another reason today was a grand day was, well……. let’s back up a bit. 

I woke up at 7:00 a.m., got dressed and went to make  eggs for the kids breakfast.  It is S.A.T. testing, so mother’s like me, make eggs – pretending they always feed their children healthy balanced meals.  I am sure my kids were so excited, they pull A’s on their tests,  just to prove they deserve groceries. I hate grocery shopping, and food.  I would be overly happy with sandwiches and bbq dinners. 

Anyway, I made breakfast, dressed the kids, got them to school, and rushed home to exercise.  I put my cute new running outfit on that I bought yesterday with my brothers, Dave and Scott at the Nike outlet.  It’s a lime green tank top, and purple running skirt, and green shoes YES, very cute 🙂 Halle and Handsome followed me down to the exercise room, ready to watch me run on the treadmill.  I always try to distract them with a movie, so I can run in peace, but it didn’t work this time.  As I ran, I watched them play and shouted out a random “be careful! Don’t get hurt”.  After about 20 minutes, Handsome fell back and bumped his head.  Blood started squirting out the back of his hair as I ran over and scooped him up.  The cut was tiny, but I guess very well placed on a blood vessel or something.  It covered my lime green top, and he was all bloody.  This may have scared me, if I hadn’t seen this happen before, but it once happened to Kinley at the park when she was two.  She  fell at the bottom of the slide, and it was a tiny cut – but the blood made it look like a lot more than that. 

I rushed upstairs, cleaned him all up, and had Halle hold the ice on his head because she was completely freaked out, and it made her feel better.  I ran upstairs and started getting ready for my first board meeting.  I love getting into the shower after I exercise really hard *just a side note* I started drying my hair, and noticed that Handsome was trying to wipe in the bathroom next to me.  That kid is not good at wiping.  So, I had no choice but to help….I hope someday to stop wiping butts. 

ok ok, I’m rambling…I’ll move on.  I’m tired.  Long story short, I finally was ready to leave.  United Way, asked me to sit on their board of directors this week!  I couldn’t be more excited and honored to serve with these people.  Let me just paint this picture for you though….

Nu Skin building. 9th floor board room.  Windows all around the room, overlooking provo.  A beautiful catered lunch.  The mayor of Orem city in one chair, the heads of United Way, one of the head representatives of BYU, UVU, UCCU, Zions Bank, School districts, Business leaders,

*about 15 of them*

and me

Yes, you can laugh.  I was laughing the whole time, silently of course.  Do these people know who I am?  Do these people know who I am not?  I didn’t feel as if I fit in with these distinguished people around the table, and yet at the same time I did.  I might not have the credentials, or title, but where I lack – I make up for in heart.  I can’t wait to help out in whatever capacity I can.  There were several people that were so kind in welcoming me to their board. 

I think I must of looked real serious and smart, but all that was really going through my head was,

“Please Heavenly Father, Please don’t let me spill this drink on this beautiful, wood, huge, boardroom table in front of these nice people.  I promise to do anything for you, even not shop at Mc Donald’s on Sundays”.

The meeting was very interesting.  United Way is an unbelievable organization.  They do such great work in our community.  They are really about plugging people in to service, either to help or get help.  I couldn’t help but think as I sat there, that I know I was supposed to be there today.  I was only planning on living in Orem for two years, when I moved here when I was 17, and now it’s been 19 years….but there is a reason.  I need to bloom where I am planted, and it seems that for now, my roots are here. 

What came out of the meeting you ask?  I have a greater determination to do good.  United Way needs donations from businesses.  They economy has hit them hard, just like any business.  If you can give in any way, let me know.  I am planning on doing a summer work party that plugs people into services that Help me Grow and United Way offer.  A lot of people believe that if they serve in their church, they don’t have to help in their communities, but I believe it takes a village to raise a children, and the children are our future.  Only serving in church, just doesn’t make sense to me.  We are all affected by the health of our society as a whole, not just people we see at church on Sunday.

Before I left, I was asked to sit on the “Women in Philanthropy” board, (starting today) and also asked to lunch by Cynthia Gambill.  She wants us to meet Josh Romney, Mitt Romney’s son tomorrow.  That should be fun, and interesting discussion.  I have a few questions for him.  I believe Mit is a great guy, I heard his wife speak – and I saw my Jon, in Mitt, when she spoke of him supporting her through sickness.  There are a few things I would ask of him, if his dad were president.    I’ll let you know how it goes!

So, you see….and grand day, in a thousand ways.

Thanks for making it to the 1000th post!