Saturday, Kinley went on her first group date dance.

It was the last dance of the year, and being that she is young for her grade, she hasn’t gone on any yet.  Jon and I decided to let Kinley go on this dance, to encourage her to start meeting friends at her new school.  She has been there all year, but it’s hard at her age to fit into groups of friends, if you haven’t gone to school with them all along.

We were happy to see her make friends, and proud of the friends she chose to hang out with.  She had only talked to her date a few times, and didn’t really know him – but he was a great guy, and they had fun.  Jon took them all boating during the day, while I took Brighton to a soccer game.  They all rode on the tube, and ate pizza at the park.  Jon said that he had a fun time with them.

After boating, Kinley came home and I curled her hair for the MORP dance (casual girl’s ask dance).  After I finished, she left to get costa vida, and eat at the park.  I slunk down into my bed, and put on my favorite P.J.’s, just long enough to begin to doze off – and then my phone rung.


“Mom, this is Kinley.  We are at the park, and we don’t have anyone to take our pictures.  Can you come down and take them?”

“Kinley, it’s almost dark…”

“I know, but can you just take some quick pictures?”

“Fine, I’ll be down in 10 minutes.”

So I jumped up, and drove down the street to the park.  The following, are the pictures I took in a total of about 15 minutes, no joke.  It was fast and furious.  The sun was setting, and I knew I didn’t have much time.  I walked up and I heard someone say, “Kinley, your sister is here…”

and I began.

This top picture is Kinley and her date, Alec.  


This was Kinley’s facebook status at the end of the day:

First dance= best day of my life! Boating, Costa Vida, tons of new
friends, and the best date 

(with amazing singing skills)!! Thank you
Alec Woolley!!

Thanks for being such a darling girl Kinley!

Dad and I, couldn’t be more proud of you.