6:30 Wake Up

6:35 Write on my Blog

7:00 Get Kids Up

7:30 Do Kids Hair, Pack Lunches

8:00 Drive kids to school

8:20 Come home, dress for work out

8:45 Leave for work out

9:00 Blood, Sweat and Tears at Bootcamp

10:00 Finish, Barely Breathing…drive home

10:15 Take a Shower

10:30 Get dressed and put hair in a High ponytail.

10:45 Eat Chicken for lunch

11:00 My new friend, the professional organizer shows up

11:15 My Carpet cleaning company shows up to clean my carpets, Yes, I forgot

11-2:30 Organize my crafts, and learn her tricks to keeping all the paper in the house organized!

3:00 Go get Kids from school play practice

3:15 Drive straight to Brighton’s soccer practice, as she changes in the car

3:50 Arrive at the soccer field, and find out that she forgot her soccer gloves

4:00 Drive home – listen to “Alvin and the Chipmunks sing ‘kumbaya my Lord'”Couldn’t help but laugh at that one.

4:15 Get home, get soccer gloves and an apple to eat

4:30 Get back to soccer field, deliver gloves – return 5 phone calls, try to remember the ones I’m  missing

5:00 Leave for home, tell Jon he will have to make dinner because when I get home, I only have 45   minutes to get all the kids ready for the school play.

5:15 Get Home, try and curl Brighton’s sweaty soccer Hair and do her makeup (still haven’t done mine)

6:00 Eat some chicken

6:15 Load up the kids, and take them to the play, so great to have Maria and two of her kids come to watch.

7:00 Watch the Play, and can’t help but laugh at the fact that MY child is the ONLY one not dressed for her part in the play.  “What?! Halle is singing?” Find out they would rather have her sing in her 70’s looking striped pants, even if everyone else is wearing their uniform. (I know this is an awful, iphone picture…but I’m sure you get the point.) Jon and I were dying laughing.

8:30 Play ends, Jon leans over and says “We sure have cute kids….they are good kids.” I grin because he gets it, even though the newly named “parent champion” can’t even get her kids ready for a play.

Had to take a picture of my two big eyed beauties.  Brighton said all of the boys were staring at her tonight for some reason…I let her know that usually she is a tom boy, and they got to see a preview of her young women beauty that is coming up sooner than I’d like to admit!

8:40 We drive to Red Mango to get Frozen Yogurt – best part of my day. So happy to have Syd and Amy join us for a treat.

9:00 We pull into our driveway, hustle kids to bed. A fast bath for Handsome, who is still having some issues wiping…

9:30 Everyone asleep

9:45 I blog for fun.

10:00 I’ll finish my book “The Maze Runner”

11:00 Sleep like the Dead, and get refreshed for Thursday.

The kids (and their parents) are just plum tuckered out!