I know that I haven’t talked about him for a while.  I have been pretty busy, and I have so many things I need to catch up on.  Our little man, is doing very well.  He is happy, helpful, and funny.  He gives the girls complements all day long, “Mama, you are SO pretty!”  Most of the time I am really grateful for this little detail, but sometimes all I can do it laugh, when he says it at times he is obviously trying to get away with something, or cheer me up.  Either way, this little habit will get him far with the ladies.

 Mr. Handsome has been officially buzzed for the summer, and he walks around, constantly being pet like a dog.  He loves to run around with daddy, as soon as he gets home, and if I’m not careful, he sneaks out of bed to watch TV with him after being tucked in.  He sleeps with two cars and a few books every night, and loves wearing PJ’s.  He speaks so well, that I am constantly stopped by strangers, as they hear him.  He is a perfect snuggler, and loves playing games on my ipad.  He loves music, and peanut butter and honey.  He tries to count to 10, and knows most of his colors – most of the time.  As I am getting dressed, he will disappear and return with his suggested pick of shoe and jewelry.  But don’t worry Dad, he balances out his style with a strong love of tools, swords, and cars.

I can’t remember if I shared this here or not, but it’s worth repeating if so… A few weeks ago, Handsome said,  “I know why you love me mama! Because you prayed for me.”

His statement was so simple, but true.  I prayed for him, and he was a direct answer to a prayer.  How can I ever wonder if my silent words are being listened to, when Jordan is here?  Why don’t I pray more often?  I guess sometimes I feel like, Heavenly Father already knows what is in my heart, so why do I need to share it…

BUT, how would I feel if my kids were positive that I know what’s in their heart, so they just don’t talk to me.  It doesn’t make sense.  So, I am working on praying more often.  Handsome is a walking reminder of faith, prayer and answers.

As the date of our temple sealing gets closer, I am feeling so much gratitude.  This past year and a half has been a whirlwind, and Handsome has been part of that.  I lost myself for a bit there, through the stress of a newly adopted son – combined with other stresses in life.  I have come a long way, but want to record for those reading my journey of adopting a toddler, that it hasn’t been easy – not by a long shot…

But it has most definitely been worth it.

Isn’t that how most things go, that are worth any effort?  I love Handsome.  I love all of my children.  I have been blessed beyond comprehension.   My struggles, and successes have made me who I am.  Yesterday a friend of mine at United Way, Karen Hill, mentioned that she wanted to clone me 10 more times.  I reassured her that this might throw the world as we know it out of balance.  We need the detailed, precise, people to balance out all my dreaming and heart.  As I walked to my car, I remembered something my dad has said multiple times before….

“Janae, just look at all those little girls in your house – clones a a beautiful mother…”

And I laughed to myself, thinking that, yes, my daughter’s will carry some of my traits, good and bad.  They will remember their childhood, and add to it as they grow.  Hopefully, they will pick my best and leave the rest.  Whitney is already a better cook than myself, Kinley is much more responsible at 15 than I every was, Brighton is more determined and witty than I could ever imagine, Ella is a professional caretaker, and Halle Bug – my HAM is just that, the next Ellen.  Together, we make a team of unstoppable women.  Pink Moss….my legacy, my love.