Dear Mr. Winder,

It has been 19 years since I attended your Math class at Woods Cross High School, and I can honestly say that in all that time, I have never felt inadequate in my lack of Mathematical capacities.  I have openly scoffed with friends, business associates, and children, about your claim that I would need those horrid equations to go anywhere in life. 

Over the years, I have resented the fact that the only REAL reason I needed to know those numbers and letters, were to teach my kids to know those numbers and letters, (that they wouldn’t need) – and have had to hire others that obviously paid closer attention to people like you, and learned them.

Yesterday, I was preparing to leave town for a non-profit I support called, “Help Me Grow” which originated in Connecticut.  I have helped bring it here to Utah, because the whole goal behind it is to bring community resources to children.  Resources I could have used as a young mother, with lots of questions.  I checked the weather on my phone, and became alarmed to see that I would be trudging around Hartford, in between 9-23 degree temperatures.  I began readying for my business trip and called to notify my friend of the extremely frigid forecast, and our apparent need for thick – below freezing coats, knitted hats and gloves, and possibly snow boots. 

Barbara, my friend and leader of the group heading East, thanked me for the surprising news and assured me that she would share my words with the rest of the group, people from the state, a physician, and other very talented individuals.  I was proud to be needed in such a way, after all,

I have been a stay at home mom now for 15 years – and feel quite inadequate at times on the mental side of things, confident in my theory, that women actually birth part of their brain with each child. 

At least, I could lend a hand in the packing department, having much experience in this arena, packing for my six daughters and one adopted son.

Imagine my horror, when I proudly shared my endeavors with my husband last night, who quickly grabbed my “smart phone” and changed the setting back to F (for Fahrenheit)

Mr. Winder, I want to apologize, and take back every negative mathematical comment I ever made behind your back.  Who knew a “C” and an “F” could have such diverse meanings?  And now, although I have to face a car full of ladies that packed to visit the Antarctica, I can honestly divulge great news, that we will be enjoying beautiful Spring weather in Connecticut, besides, it’s a lot easier to take those little hand warmers out of your down coat, than to have none to start with.


Janae Moss (The one who sat in the back of the class passing notes, and took the boy’s basketball      stats for you ) 

P.S.  It just occurred to me, that the reason you let me take stats was to freshen up on my addition, while the only thing I was really adding on one hand, were my chances at landing a date.