There are probably some that are wondering how my juicing is going, so I thought I would give a quick update.  I have been putting all of my energy into getting healthy, using my blog as a reward.  As you can see, sometimes all the energy and time I had, went elsewhere, but for me that is a good thing right now.

After watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” I decided to do a full 30 days of juicing.  I made it about a week, and then decided that I needed more protein.  I have been trying really hard to listen to my body and what it needs; plain and simple, it needed more to keep up with the exercise schedule I am on.  Also, I needed more to keep up with my kids.  In addition to my complaint with protein, I didn’t like how much of the vegetables and fruit I was wasting.  All of the fiber was ground up and spit out.  So, I really like juicing the carrots and apples, and then adding the spinach and other veggies afterward in my blender.

I had high hopes to lose my weight as fast as I easily gained it when my hormones were out of whack, but that just hasn’t happened.  I am going to have to work really hard to get every pound off.  I have been running three days a week, and going to bootcamp class 2-3 times.  The key is to keep this up, so I am glad that the looming half marathon is keeping me focused.

I am so excited to be planning for it with my brother Dave.  He has struggled with his type one diabetes his whole life, and finding an exercise plan that works for him.  He has to start out with his blood sugar high, and then start running…only to have no other choice but to supplement with lemonade during his run, to keep his sugar levels from crashing.  He has ran 6 days a week, between 5-8 miles, for about 5 months.  He has controlled his eating, and counted calories.  He didn’t lose much for a few months, and he was so frustrated.  Then, something happened, I’m not sure what – but he has dropped 20 pounds.  He looks GREAT!  We are pumped to be running together, both nervous and ready to conquer our limitations.  I have no doubt he will do amazing.  I have to run/walk still, and he is becoming pretty fluid.


Now for the fun news.

I start my photography and photoshop classes on May 1st.  I will be out of town, so I will need to somehow catch up at night, or the next week.  This will be pretty hard, because each class is a one hour video a day, plus the one hour homework.  I will be doing homework roughly 3-4 hours a day.  But, I am so excited.  I really feel like my writing and photography will come together beautifully, for what, I am not quite sure yet.  I plan on doing lots of free photoshoots and taking classes this summer, and then if I am ready, I will start charging in the Fall.  Not much as first, but something for my time.

I have been teaching myself wordpress for my photography website/blog.  It has driven me crazy, but will be worth it.  After hours of trying to use photoshop to design my branding, I realized I didn’t need photoshop at all, but illustrator.  If you want to watch me put my photoblog together piece by piece, you can check it out HERE.  It is likely to change a lot, but that is my starting point.  I thought about naming my photography business janae moss photography, and then decided that everyone uses their name, and I have already been branding “Pink Moss” for three years now, as I write here.  It is fun name, and has become part of me…just don’t plan on me always using pink in my branding designs, I like pink but not in everything I do.  I also think it’s fun for it to be called pink moss, and NOT have any pink.  I’m weird like that.  The pictures on the blog, aren’t my own yet, but they will be.  I will be posting the assignments I do for my classes there.

So there you have it, a boring Monday catch up.  I have been jotting down some ideas for books in the future, and getting really excited.  My blog has been a great way for me to discover my love of words, and story telling.  I have a long way to go, and am a beginner…but I know I am on a path, heading somewhere great!


All the kids are doing great, I am planning  a big kid catch up coming soon, so Handsome missers, it’s coming, I promise 🙂