Sometimes I’m a chicken.

Some fight, I flight.

I would rather let something go, than swim in the sludge.

Some consider this patient, others call it weak.

I’m sure I’ve been both.

Yesterday, I learned something that changed my life.

Although simple, it was like a bolt of lightning for me.

Dr. Manning said,

“Most people are already doing the right things to be successful in life, 

but they just don’t stick with it long enough.”

And I realized, that for me, this was the very thing I struggle with.

I work to get into my zone of success, whatever that may be.

And, I do a good job.

 I set wonderful goals, and start working toward them, and wonder why I can’t

be a pro at whatever I’m working on in a week or two, so I give up, 

feeling defeated because I can’t run a marathon after a week of running, 

and I search for my new hobby or goal,

because obviously, that wasn’t my calling.  

I think and pray about my destiny and talents and wait for them to jump out at me, 

and scream “pick me pick me!” only to start the same cycle again.  

All the while, only needing to keep with what I am doing longer.

You see, I set myself up to fail from the very beginning.  I didn’t set a realistic, achievable goal, 

so I feel bad and mentally beat myself up.  

The key is bite sized pieces, and stick-to-it-ivness

I have no doubt that this is my answer for many things in my life.

Simple.  Quit Quitting.

I wish it was a simple as it sounds.

No chickens allowed.