I am trying out a new blogger iPhone app on my new phone. I didn’t beg for a new phone, I am just kind of incapable of keeping one alive for too long, just like plants and animals. I once heard that an “otter box” can be dropped out of an airplane with an iPhone in it, and come out unscathed. I guess living with Pink Moss is worse.

We headed up to our cabin a few days ago, and unlike others that are trying to find the sun, we drove toward a wood burning stove, four wheelers, shooting guns, and a good hand of cards.

I have no idea the order that blogger will share these pictures I uploaded from instagram, but share I must. After all, how often do you see an 89 year old woman shooting at (and hitting) a target? Who knew she could even see?! And when she leaned over and farted in our faces, she was not worried at all, because her ear muffs muffed it. (not that she would have mined much anyway).

The kids loved four wheeling, and I loved hearing Whitney giggle as we drove together, through snowy patches that were melting and looking like snicker doodle cookies, and miniature ice shards that looked like Super Man’s home.

Kinley and Whitney really started getting the hang of shooting this trip! I loved watching them catch the shooting bug. I love to shoot, at targets anyway. I’m too soft hearted when it comes to killing animals (on purpose anyway). I don’t think the rabbits, hamsters, turtle, and frog would agree.

I have shot at things before, only actually killing some ducks, and sage hens, and clay pigeons. I used to want to be a big hunter, because I was born into a hunting family, now I’d rather shoot them with my camera. Speaking of which..! When I was hiking with Tiff on Tuesday, we ran into about ten mountain sheep, with the big rounded horns! They were beautiful, and although 20 feet away, hardly scared at all! (until I hit one with a rock to get it to look at the camera in a decent sort of way) jk jk jk, but I wanted too. They camouflaged so nicely with the rocks, you can’t even see them in the pictures!

Anyway, kids are waking up now, and it’s time to adventure. Have a great spring break, my Utah friends! And have a great Friday, my blogging friends!

(it is Friday isn’t it? Maybe it’s Saturday, it’s all the same up here in the mountains)