Spring has definitely sprung around these parts.  Utah has crazy weather this time of year, with snow falling from a sunny sky during one part of the day, to almost eighty degrees another part of the day.  You just never know what you are going to get.  Everyone gets  confused about how to dress, including myself.  Some are wearing shorts, while others are wearing knitted hats and Uggs.  Then there are the people like me, who are excited about both seasons, so I end up walking out in a scarf, long sleeved shirt, pants, and sandals.

A few days ago, Whitney took some pictures outside of our house with her friend.  We decided together that if she practiced, she could start her own little business and take pictures of girls in the neighborhood, for a small charge.  Her first model was Abby.  We had fun dressing her together in my closet, and Whitney did a beautiful job taking the pictures, doing her makeup, and editing them.  Just look at the fun she created!

Way to make your dreams come true Whitney!

Thanks Abby, for being such a fun model to work with!

The kids are home from school this week for spring break.  We went to the movie “Titanic” last night.  They re-released it for the 100th anniversary of Titanic sinking.  It is such a sad story, but I loved the movie.  It is even better on a big screen with 3D.  I’m not sure what the rest of the week will bring yet, but it is a little crazy around here.  Whitney’s teeth are looking and feeling much better, thankfully.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy the Spring weather!

I am going hiking today in the mountains for a few hours with Tiff, and I can’t wait!