Last week, I decided to try my hand at crochet.  I have always loved the look of it, and I have messed around a few times as a kid, and later as an adult.  I had no idea what I would make, but I knew I loved the color and feel of this yarn, so I bought it.  As I was walking down the isle, on the way out of the store, I found this ribbon that I loved.  I had no intention of putting them together, or what I was making at all.  Later that night, I had made a square…of what I didn’t know.  So I started folding it different ways, and eventually decided it would be a great shall, or skirt.  I wove the ribbon in and out, and voila!  (It might be is a tad uneven…shhhhh Halle Bug loves it!)


A few days later, Whitney had oral surgery.

She needed two teeth pulled, and two others “exposed”, which is a nice way of saying “we are going to take a laser beam and cut into the roof of her mouth to find the teeth.” Then they hooked two small chains to the ones up in her gums growing sideways, and hooked the other ends to her braces to gradually pull them down where they should be.  I believe her teeth were pretty messed up from when she had her accident when she was three.  I haven’t written about that accident yet…I know it is one that will take a lot of time and energy.  (Maybe next week)  The past few days, she was been recovering.  The only way I even talked her into going, is because she watched a video on YouTube of a “Mormon boy coming out of oral surgery” and she was thought it was so funny, she was game.

She spent 3 hours bawling (loudly) after her surgery because, “I’m NOT FUNNY like the boy on TV!!!”  No exaggeration.  I was exhausted by the end of the day, and quite frankly wasn’t in the care taking kind of mood anymore.  I am a no good, very bad nurse.  Jon and I both dread the 

(heaven forbid) that Jon needs his diaper changed.  I have had to be very frank in this area, poor guy.  Every chance I get, I sneak away and move around, or go shopping or something important.

She is looking and feeling much better now, thank goodness.

Kinley brought home her high school grades a few days ago… I am thinking she really needs to bring up her US History class, what do you think?  (seriously so impressed, I didn’t have a report card like this since kindergarten).

And then the mailman came!  

I don’t know who was more excited, Ella or myself.

Ella loves her new American Girl Doll “Julie”. 

She has saved up for her for a long time.  Birthday money, Christmas money, job money…she paid half, and I paid half.  Those things are expensive!  

I am really excited, because this stinkin’ computer program came.  It isn’t very exciting at all, but what is great is that it allows me to take my first photography classes that I signed up for.  My computer wasn’t up to date, so I wasn’t able to start with the rest of the class last Monday.  Now, there is nothing stopping me {but a busy life, and a half dozen kids}.

I did a lot of thinking in Hawaii, and decided that I wanted to be a photographer.  Whether this means it is for my own family and friends, or I expand it to be more of a business, I’m not sure yet.  

But, either way, I know I will enjoy the classes.  It will be fun to share some pictures here with you!  My first classes are word press, photo shop, and digital photo 101.

wish me luck!

Enjoy your weekend.

We will be headed to the cabin next week for Spring Break!

It was 80 degrees a few days ago, and it SNOWED today!  GO UTAH!

How is the weather where you live?

ps I need to dye Easter Eggs today.  There are so many fun ideas on pinterest!!

Do you have any great ideas for Easter that you want to share with me?


I hired a professional organizer yesterday to help me with my house.

So embarrassing, but I am SO excited!

I {might} show before and afters of my closets.


I’ve been running, juicing, green smoothying, and trying to stay focused on my end goal which 

isn’t coming fast enough.  My lack of a working metabolism, hormones, and iron in my body made

me gain weight much faster than I am loosing it.

{which really torks me off}


life is good.