I wake up early in Hawaii,

or should I say, in Hawaii it’s considered that I wake up early. Or should I say, In Utah it’s considered that it’s 11:23 and not 7:23?

I feel like I could come home today, having had a wonderful vacation already, and I still have six days left! I am not complaining, I am just not used to having so much time to relax on the beach (or anywhere for that matter).

I forget how much fun Jon has laughing at with me, when we are together  enough for him to see the crazy things I do and say.  I am still not quite sure what the problem is with smelling a man’s banana leaf skirt that has been used for putting out fires in the luau, or believing that the turf grass wasn’t really well maintained real grass.  And it seems that Jon will always be surprised at my love of a perfectly made sandwich.  Why does it matter that I would choose a turkey sandwich over fresh fish off the ocean, or a fillet minion?  I like sandwiches.  They don’t leave my stomach feeling gassy, like after Mexican food (that I love), or greasy like after Chinese noodles, or so full I can’t walk like after I eat potatoes, and steak.  Yes, a sandwich and side salad are the perfect combination.

Last Thursday, we flew into Oahu, with Barbara and arrived late at night.  It was SO FUN to see Sarah, in her element, here at BYU Hawaii.  She has darling friends, and a hobbit house.  Literally, it’s unreal how much she is paying to live on a miniature twin sized bed, with two other girls doing the same next to her, in a room the size of a small bedroom.  There are no closets, the ceiling is barely above your head when you walk, and you have to duck under beams.  But, that doesn’t matter.  She is having the time of her life!  A few weeks ago, she said it flooded everywhere in Hawaii, and she had several feet of water in her house!  Things were floating all around her.

We ended up going to bed at about 3:30 our time in Utah (11:30) Hawaii time, and I was exhausted.  We woke up bright and early, and got ready to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center  all day.  Jon was really excited about this, and bought the greatest tour package known to man.  We had reserved seats at all of the shows, on the front row.  I think they are all good seats, but Jon says “I work hard at home, and I am going to play hard on vacation.” which is a phrase I have grown used to over the years, but always surprises those that come along.  He bought our tour guide (John) a pineapple drink, and tried to get him to eat the luau dinner with us on the front row, but he knew he would be fired if he agreed.  So instead, Jon bought some food and sent it out to where he had to stay.  Jon is a caretaker, and a wonderful tipper.  He always says, “These people work SO hard.  They are like all of the janitors that work for us.  They don’t make enough, and I like to tip them.” This also isn’t a surprise to me, but I love seeing the faces on unexpected waitresses, valet boys, or a random janitor in the hall that is changing the rooms.  I fully agree.  These are thankless jobs, and we see this in our business all the time.

I have been posting pictures to instagram the entire trip, because it is fast and easy for me and my kids to check.  I will post some of my favorites here for your entertainment.  The first set of pictures are from the Polynesian Cultural Center, which I would highly recommend visiting if you are ever on Oahu, Hawaii.  They divide the park up into (I think) 6 different islands, to show their heritage.

We learned that the people carved faces with their eyes open, to symbolize their ancestors looking down on them from the after life.

Our tour guide, John, showing us how to make fire. 

 I tried.  

It’s hard.

We were told a really amazing story about one of the leaders in the L.D.S. church, that had a dream about this hut and a man that needed to help.  He knew he was supposed to add Tahiti to the P.C.C. as one of the villages, and so he went to visit that island.  When he was walking by one of the huts, another man stopped him and said that he had seen him in a dream, and that he had designed something for him.  Together they designed the village that was brought to share with the world.

Of course, Jon helped Barbara walk around because of her sad knee, sometimes with his arm and other times with a wheel chair.

and can you believe I caught Jon trying to learn the dance?  

Ok, I talked him into it, but it’s cute, right?

But the Grand Finale for me, was when Jon pushed Barbara across the stage with roaring drums in the background!  Sarah and I were dying laughing, because there was no other way to get her to her front row seat, because of her wheel chair.  So, with hundreds of people watching, she bounced up and down across the sandy stage, with Jon pushing her as fast as he could.  We didn’t know there were coming that way, but when we saw them, I was so busy cracking up that I couldn’t get a picture.  This was taken afterward, just to make sure I never forgot!

The next morning, Saturday, we woke up REALLY early and got to the airport to fly to Maui.

We loved spending time with the Leavitt’s

And, although Jon has been anything but Angry, I love this shirt on him.

cracks. me. up.

and then, we arrived in heaven.

Nothing but sandy beaches, and (virgin 🙂 Pina Coladas.

and this, my friends….was the view from my room that afternoon.

and the sunset that night…

Can you believe the beauty?  

There are rainbows all the time from the random, light sprinkles of rain that fall.

and there you have it…for now.  

Jon and I are going to visit a few different beaches today.  Some rumor to have black sand, some red, and some white. 

Have a beautiful day