It was so fun meeting some Pink Moss readers this week.

I wanted to hang out with each of you for different reasons.

Meet Kimberly, who is in her last semester of Grad school and lives in New York.

and Chelsea’s Grandparents, that I love and don’t even know!  How cute are they!! 

*Chelsea had the most comments by far*

I love seeing cute wrinkly old couples, still together…still hanging on.

and Christina’s littles, that are so cute and snuggly together.

Christina already won some pearls last time I did a give-a-way, but wanted to say hi anyway 🙂

She always writes me sweet notes, and keeps me motivated to write another day.

This picture below makes me happy just looking at it!  They are my friend Donna Lynn’s kids.  I went to school with her ALL growing up…every year!  I am sure you could corner her and drag from her 

a few random details about my childhood.

And this is beautiful Amy.  

What a sweet baby kiss…nothing like smooching on a baby!

Of course, you need to meet Rosy!  

 Handsome has loved her from the second he laid eyes on her.  Rosy sneaks over to our house all the time and brings him treats, AND apparently, act like a dinosaurs together.

This is Sarah’s baby Jacob.

There is nothing like seeing your baby growing inside of you for the first time. 


This of course, was the picture taken of Handsome on Christmas with his birth Grandparents.

  They dressed up like Santa, and let him sit on their knee….all the while, not really getting what was going on (A visit from some people that loved him very much).

And finally, my new friend/dare devil named Missy…she made me want to jump out of a plane next week in Hawaii…wadda ya think?!

And there you have it.

Nine people that will get a treat in the mail.  I am not positive what they will all get, 

but email me your address if you posted a picture, and I will send something.  

Fun! I love Fridays, and I love to give.

Have a great weekend, and keep introducing yourself.

I love it!

Next week, I will be in sunny Hawaii…can you believe it?  I can’t.  I haven’t let myself think about it until today.  But now, I am ready to get my moo moo ON!