Dear Jon

6,000 days

857 weeks

200 months

16 years of marriage.

roughly 4,500 diapers

1,260 pink undies

 6 beautiful daughters, and one Handsome son.

a red suburban

a black suburban

a tan suburban

a white suburban

100,000 miles each

Thousands of miles traveled, and  countless more to go.

We’ve ridden fast, popped tires, jumped curbs, and ran out of gas.

Sometimes we have cried, broken down on the side of a long bumpy, gravel road.

But mostly we have laughed, held hands, and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery unfold before our eyes.

Our children are a reflection of our many oddities and talents, all mishmashed into one.

From you it’s

hard working, stubborn, driven, giving selflessly

and from me

love of music, stories, outdoors, family, patience, and some kind of glueishness.

Together, we are larger than life

nothing is too outrageous, or impossible.

We strive for a forever family, full of support, love, and understanding.

Thanks for the miles.

Thanks for the ride of a lifetime, my friend.

Cheers to our family, love, and many more miles to come

Life is indeed, a beautiful ride.

Happy Anniversary.

Love, Janae