Remember how we here at Pink Moss went to Saint George for the President’s Day soccer tournament?  Well, I never posted those pictures.  They are random, and from my phone.  That is the easiest way to do it when you *or I* am carrying kids and chairs and bags and balls and food and blankets.

You see?

I took a million pictures of the fun rental house we stayed in, well, because it was fun.  It was modern style and I haven’t ever seen me building a modern house.  So, it was fun to pretend I was modern for a few days.  I would consider myself eclectic.  I litter my house with things that make me happy, whether it be color or a random knick knack.  I remember there was a lady that came over to my house once and said, 

“So, what house style is THIS?”

I laughed and decided that I would take it as a compliment.  No rules, just what makes me happy.  Anyway, here and the pictures of the modern house.  Have a great Tuesday!






They had a great tree house that connected between a girl’s bedroom and a boy’s bedroom.


The slide from the family room to the downstairs playroom was probably the highest highlight for everyone in the family!  The kids loved it because they could escape from us.  Jon and I loved it because when we were sick of them, we could throw each child down the shoot and they thought we were being nice.

Downstairs kitchen

Dancing in the workout/dance room

Whitney, welcoming us into the mother in law apartment, where she stayed with her friend Callie.


That isn’t all of the house…only some of it.  You are probably thinking, “Why did they rent a house so big?” and I would say, I was thinking the same thing.  I didn’t realize that trying to book a condo for our big family three weeks in advance, was too late.  Everything was gone because of so many soccer tournaments, golf games, and the Saint George home show.


We decided to make the best of it, and let the kids invite friends…and we threw a party for the soccer team, which turned out to be loads of fun!


This, my friends is what I do at the soccer game to pass time while the kids are warming up.  Kinley saw it on pinterest and wanted me to give it a shot.  I have done hair a lot over the years.  It started with being on the dance team and classes my whole life, and then I have taken part in raising 7 girls.  We do hair a lot around here.  I have thought about doing some tutorials for fun sometime on my blog, but haven’t had the time yet.

Brighton did an AMAZING job as keeper!

She stopped too many shots to count, and impressed everyone with her fearless attack of the ball.  She dove, she jumped, she kicked and smacked that ball! I don’t even have a picture of her because my phone made her look like an ant, and I left my real camera at the house.  I’ll make up for it when the season starts in a few weeks.

On Handsome’s actual birthday, we didn’t have anything planned.  We knew we wanted to do something with the extended family when we got back home, but Jon decided to surprise him with some Elmo cupcakes.  I had forgotten to pack underwear for him, so Jon also picked up some great boyish undies.  He wrapped it up in a plastic sack and we sang him “Happy Birthday”.  

When he opened it up he screeched,


It was in fact so eventful, that we didn’t see any reason to buy him anything else.

Syd and Scott showed up part way through the trip.  I loved Syd’s packing style so much, I made her take a picture.  Who needs a real suitcase anyway?

What is your favorite style of home?  What things do you do to make your house unique, or happy?

I’d love to hear all about it.  Someday, I’ll build a home and go crazy with fun ideas to decorate.