Good Monday Morning!

 Go and do what you feel needs to be done, say what you need to say, see what you need to see, 

and more than anything…

Be the light you want to see in the world.


This past month has been frustrating and exciting at the same time.  It has taken longer than I would have wanted to start feeling like I am to the point of exercise, or even paying special attention to my diet.  I basically put myself on bed rest for about a week, and have taken it as easy (as possible) in the amount of things I do.  BUT, at the same time, I feel like every day I spent reading or taking naps was worth it.  It probably took me years to get to this point in my health, and I can’t expect to undo it all in a few months.  For whatever reason my ovaries stopped producing hormones, and my thyroid stopped working…it has brought me to this place. 

I finally feel strong enough by taking hormone supplements to start exercising again and trying to fix my eating habits.  Really, I need to eat mostly vegetables and lean meats.  I have been reviewing several detoxes and foods to eat that would help build up my bodies natural ability to function properly.  I will be pick a detox very soon and be on my way!  

Do you have a favorite detox?

I am still planning on running in the Spring, and hope you are running too!  My blog got messed up (because I thought I would be super talented and design my own with photoshop), so I lost the links to you other runners out there that were joining in my plan!  I am so sorry… I am hoping to get it up and running a.s.a.p. SO get your running shoes ON!


Over the weekend, I was well, sick.  Right when I started to feel really good, I picked up a cold somewhere.  I canceled all plans and decided to spend a few days in bed.  And then I got the call, you know the kind…where the husband…..well, you’ll see.


“Hi hun, what are we doing on Saturday?” says my Jon

“Well…nothing, I am sick.”

“Ohhh…ya.  Ok.” followed by an extended silence

‘Whhhhhyyyy?” I ask, knowing he is about to lay something on me.

“Well, because remember about a month ago when we were talking about using our Jazz suite for the family when something fun came to town?”


“Well, I forgot to tell you that tomorrow is THAT day.”


“I reserved two suites next to each other for the‘Monster Truck Jam’, and we have already paid for it.  We just need to invite about 40 people.”  🙂

So we set out to invite all of the family to our last minute *Halle and Jordan shared birthday party*.  I have been meaning to plan one for the extended family for several months, and haven’t felt well enough to do it.  Below are some of the pictures for your enjoyment!

First off, I got dressed.  This is actually huge for me lately.  I sent this text to my friend Ashley, so she could see the necklace I bought from her in action.   

 This picture cracked me up because I couldn’t get D.J. to look at me to save my life!  He was so excited about the trucks, that he would glance at me for just one minute and then his eyes would flick away.

The trucks were HUGE and LOUD.  Jon bought a ton of ear plugs so we didn’t loose our hearing!  In the suite they served pizza, hot wings, popcorn and drinks.  It was a great time!

Grandma and Grandpa Moss with Jordan/Handsome

 Kinley and Lizzie

It was nice that both of the suites could see from one to the other.  I rotated back and forth to get a chance to sit with everyone.

Camille, Jayne, and Dan

Scott and Carter

Three of my hero’s all in one spot!

Barbara, Dad and Mom

Myself, Jon, and Brighton

Dan and Bella

Bella cracked me up as usual.  Right when we pulled into the parking garage I asked her if she was excited to see the trucks.  “What are we eating?” was all she responded with.  The girl loves food.  I didn’t even get a chance to get situated before she was digging into the *very hot* wings.  She was gasping for air and gulping them down as fast as possible.  I thought  of giving her water, and then realize that was a bad idea, probably because my friend Sara Staker was there and told me.  She mentioned that popcorn would probably feel better, so we grabbed her some popcorn. 

Good thing, for good friends and their common sense. 

I have several pictures of some people, and none of many people.  I just took what I saw. I am missing the whole Staker family, the whole Morton family, some of my own kids, and the whole present part of the birthday.  Sara took some great pictures with her amazing camera, (including one of us together) but I don’t have them.  I was mostly focused on having energy to be there.  I LOVED seeing all of the kids faces and whoops and excitement as the trucks jumped.  One even rolled over.

So there you have it, a quick *as possible* update.

Have a great day!