When I was young, I loved to watch the show “Little House on the Prairie”. 

Weekly, I plopped down in front of the television and imagined running through the wheat fields with Laura and Mary.  I loved laughing with Laura,  and experiencing new life lessons along with her.  Can you imagine gleaning valuable morals on T.V.?  That phenomenon has long past, unless you want to count watching “Glee” and how to sing like Madonna or how to laugh like Spongebob.  (which I quite enjoy by the way). 

I lived in the woods, in the midst of hundreds of maple trees.  The smell the forest during summer was lovely, and when the leaves changed in the fall it was breath taking.  There wasn’t a house in sight, and it was a perfect backdrop for a child’s free mind and energy.  I loved to pick snake grass, and make it into necklaces and bracelets.  Snake grass is a perfect plant for constructing jewelry because they link back into themselves on the two ends, like something you would buy in a plastic version at “Toys R Us” now. 

I spent countless hours sending secret notes down the creek to either my brothers, or a visiting friend…or maybe even someone at the ocean far away.  We used over sized plants for boats to carry our “He-man” or “Strawberry Shortcake” toys all the way down the mountain to our driveway, where we ran as fast as our little legs would carry us to pick them up.  I sometimes wish I could go back in time and watch myself play.  Free. 

Although, last night I got that rare chance.  Ella wasn’t playing with snake grass, or big leaves, or running through trees.

Me: “WHAT are you doing Ella?”

Ella: “I made a special treat that I read about in ‘Little House in the Big Woods.'”

Me: “Really?  What is that?”

Ella: “I took snow from out back, and mixed it with syrup, and froze it!”

Me: “…..” I didn’t want to smash this darling girl’s heart.

Ella: “Do you want some? Do you? There wasn’t any yellow pee in the snow or anything.”

Me: “…. um, no thank you.”

Ella: “Well…ok, don’t say I didn’t offer any to you!”

Me: “Well, I have had enough sweets today, being Valentines and all.  Remember the candies from school, and the chocolates from dad, and the creme puffs from Grandma Moss?”

Ella: “Oh yes, but there is always room for snow syrup.”

Me: “Okay….Well let me at least take a picture of your treat!”

I went upstairs for a minute and when I returned, I saw something that made my stomach turn.  ALL of the littles stood around Ella with serving spoons, gulping the mixture as if they hadn’t eaten every treat they had been offered that day, or ever.  After all, it was Valentines.

And I am all about reminiscing about my childhood

and sweets

and my kids being creative.