Nothing makes me happier than a great quote with a picture that means something to me.  I decided that as I lay here in bed today, after a very long week, I would combine the two and save them on pinterest.  


This first picture was taken up Rock Canyon as I was hiking in the snow last week.

This beautiful sunrise was taken in front of my house a few weeks ago.

This picture was taken when I visited California about a year ago.

And this was taken at my parents condo in Manzanillo Mexico about ten years ago.  My sweet father used the picture to surprise my mom for Christmas, and blew it up on tiles to assemble above her bathtub!  Isn’t he so thoughtful and sweet!?

I do believe so….he has always been that way.

And here is my darling niece Haily.  I love her and LOVED taking her pictures when she was born!

and my darling Kinley…

and just look at my darling sister’s belly bump!

and had to add this picture Mandy took of Syd at her wedding!

and baby Haily again…so cute!

Love this one, although I didn’t take the picture…I just added the quote. I would credit the photographer, but I couldn’t find out who took it.

Whitney at the cabin.

and at the Jackson Hole cabin last summer