Utah State Capital

Utah State Capital

I have been on a mad dash the past few days. The “Help Me Grow” Utah team, have been hard at work. When today ends, we will have completed a long list of goals, such as:

Take the “Help Me Grow” national team (Dr.Paul Dworkin, Elsa, and Johanna) to tour the L.D.S. Humanitarian building.

Take them to a reception at “The Alta Club”, hosted by “Voices for Utah’s Children”. In attendance were many amazing people, including Utah’s first lady (Herbert).

Have Dr. Dworkin speak at IHC’s “Grand Rounds” to many physicians about “Help Me Grow” to educate them about our system and our goals to go state wide with their endorsement and help.

Let them tour “United Way” of Utah County, to see our data base of community resources for help me grow and the “211” info line for parents to call in to.

Meet at the Utah State capital with Speaker of the House, Becky Lockhart to educate her about our endeavors to go state wide, and afterward meet with Salt Lake Cities United Way to try and get them to team up with us.

Meet with the “Partners for Infants and Children” at the Health Department to join forces with all children’s non-profit groups.

take the “Help Me Grow” national team to a family event that the local team put on at the “Kids Who Count” facility in Salem, Utah.

Somehow fit in two very amazing dinners at “the chef’s table” in Provo, and at the restaurant at “Hotel Monaco”.


Hosting a networking breakfast at “Scenic view”, and a networking lunch at “The Blue Lemon” for “Woman in Philanthropy” with the “Help Me Grow” national team.

Host a dinner at La Jolla Groves” for a wrap up event of their stay and to say good bye.

My kids have been so patient and helpful as Jon and I, and Barbara push full steam ahead to try and link as many families, physicians, and community resources as possible through “Help Me Grow” Utah.

AND THEN PARTY with my sister for her Birthday tonight in Salt Lake.  She is renting a hotel for many friends to come celebrate!

So far, it has been a raging success!!! If you want any info about “Help Me Grow” in your area, let me know!! Also, if you have been wondering why I haven’t been answering my phone…I have been a tad busy 🙂  Have a great weekend!

*OH, and I forgot to let you know that IF all go as planned, Jon and I will be partying with Kirstie Alley, Heidi, her husband, and Fox tomorrow at the Sundance Film Festival.  I’ll let you know!