Well Well

Here I am after my first week of TRYING to focus on changing my bad habits.  Today is Monday, and as usual, I am ready to start the week off healthy.  But let me just tell you how big of a loooooser I was this weekend!  I did great until Jon and I went out to dinner on Friday night.  We went with some friends that have been trying to catch up with us since before the holidays named Shannon and Will.  Before we left, I asked where she wanted to eat.  She is pregnant, and in my book the pregnant lady gets to pick.

To my utter excitement, she chose one of my favorites!


mmmmmmmmmm…  My baby Halle Bug was made out of Carraba’s!  It’s an Italian grill with the yummiest breads, grilled meats, salad and veggies.  Sounds pretty harmless right?!  So I told her.

“Sounds like a great pick! But, I can’t eat the bread.”


“Self induced torture.”

And she understood.  She is pregnant with her 6th baby (5 girls and one boy if this is a girl) and she knows how it is to lose weight after a baby.  So, I ordered things that were ok for me, and then Jon pulled a typical Jon.  He ordered some deserts.  He knew I didn’t want any, so he didn’t get me one but it was big enough to feed a small village.

So I did eat the forbidden fruit.

The problem wasn’t so much that I took a few bites, the problem was that once I get knocked off the horse, I tend to check out for the whole weekend. And that is exactly what happened.  How embarrassing that I have to type this.  But, I guess it helps me to identify my triggers.  I am for sure a “social eater”.  Food is supposed to be fun, and I find ways of having too much fun. 

So here I am, standing before you feeling like a failure.  But, I am going to press on.  After a call from my darling brother Dave a few days ago, I am officially looking for a 5K for Team Pink Moss to run/walk in the Spring.  He let me know that he and his wife Emmy were on board, and would proudly wear a shirt!

“If you want Dave, I can get a different color of shirt and write “Team Pink” on it?”

“Nope! I would love to wear PINK!”

He was actually leaving for a run when he called because he read my blog post last week!  He has wanted to get going again anyway.  He has struggled with type 1 diabetes his whole life, and has become extremely frustrated with trying to run, and keep his blood sugar up.  He has to eat or drink calories so he can run, only to try and burn the same calories.

I can only imagine his frustration.

SO, if you want to JOIN in finding a 5K to work for, even if you live across the world… let me know, and I’ll list you as being an official Team Pink Member.  I would love to have you send in pictures of your journey, weight loss success or where you are now, and what race you are working toward!

Together we can help each other get healthy!!

I haven’t eaten or exercised let today, but I’ll let you know how it goes!  I visit with the hormone Dr. tomorrow, and get my first mammogram on Wednesday.  I must be getting old.  I probably wouldn’t be going yet, but I have had some pain.  Does a mamogram hurt?  What do they do?

Oh boy….the joys of womanhood!


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