The day after I wrote my last post (yesterday)

I was embarrassed.  I was half laughing, and half mortified that I had posted such raw emotions.  First off, don’t worry.  I haven’t jumped off a lone cliff somewhere to my utter destruction, but I did wake myself up.  Somehow admitting out loud that I was struggling, was empowering.  Seeing the pain that I was in as I reread it, I wanted to fix this problem. 

Source: via Janae on Pinterest

I exercised for an hour, and only ate lean meats, veggies, and lots of water.  I am determined to get back control.  I had several very sweet emails that helped me pick myself back up.  Thanks for being my strength when I was weak.  I teared up as I read each one.  Thank you for taking the time, to build.

One of the emails I received was from a friend that lives in my neighborhood.  (Leanne).  She said that after she had read my blog post, she really wanted to talk to me because she has lived a lot of what I am going through.  She understood.  She asked if I would call when I had a minute.  So last night, I gave her a call…. and couldn’t believe my ears!  She truly GOT it.  She had been there and weathered the storm.  She actually visited the same doctor that I am set up to see on Tuesday, and had a lot of advice.

Oh, and I added a new weight loss gadget on my site to track my progress!

Here we go!