I came back from Cali

to an nonchargeable computer

so I’m stuck with this phone

I can’t think of anything crueler

I have much to say

but it takes too long

I’ll have to make this short

no way to prolong

I’m stuck in my bed feeling

sick sick sick sick

everyone else had it in Disney

I guess, I waited a bit

I’m the last one taken down

into this gory zombie land

“the walking dead” are my homies

we should start a band

there still is silver lining

to this great big black cloud

my parents surprised me with a call

that I want to shout aloud!

they heard that I’ve been married

for a really really long time

and booked their condo in Hawaii

for my hubby and I

we will wait until march 17th to play

after 7 kids and 16 years

I can’t think of a better way

to celebrate our long lasting love

Thanks mom and dad for rockin’ the casbah!!