Wrapping paper was everywhere.

It looked as if Toys R’ Us had blown up all over our living room.  Trains, kitchen’s, faux food, candy, clothes.  Ripped open packages of every shape, size, and color riddled the floors proving the mere impossibility of getting them open without extreme force and sharpened objects. 

Candy wrappers were rampant and it was only 10:00 a.m.

We had done it again.  The miracle of Christmas.  Santa had provided presents, as we celebrated Christ providing life for all.  As the kids settled into fist fights over their new toys, we readied ourselves for our Christmas breakfast feast.  Sydney set the table with paper plates, so we didn’t have to work harder than necessary on this lazy day.  I was picking up trash so we could walk through the room without getting hurt, and Jon was starting to saute the onions.

“Kids! Clean up your stuff and come over to eat!  We can play with the toys in a minute.”

They all set down their various gadgets and meandered to our long teak farm house looking table.  The usual spots were chosen, and I announced:

“This year, dad and I have a special breakfast.  We have decided to pass out menus for you to choose from.  Circle if you want eggs, hash browns, pancakes, juice…or all of the above.  When you are done, I will come around and gather them up for the cook.”

The kids looked at me with big eyes, and grins started spreading across their faces.  It didn’t take long for them to realize this would be fun.  (Why is it that everyone listens up to directions if there is a game attached?  Then again, I know I do the same thing and I am pretty much middle aged).  Their eyes closed and Jon and I looked at each other with a knowing smirk. 

I set their “menus” on each of their empty plates and walked back to stand by Jon.  I laughed inside once again at the child side of both Jon and I.  This is what had brought us together in the first place.  Never ending plans for the future, goals, dreams, and yes…good ol’ fashion FUN! 

“OK kids, don’t open your eyes! You hear me?  Don’t you do it, or you will be sorry! I will count to three and then you can all look at your menu at the same time….READY?




Eyelids shot open, like a bottle of exploding shaken root beer!

Some were quicker than others.  The younger dining guests just picked up the tag on their plate, turning it over in their tiny hands and looking at the picture on the back.  But the older ones, well you could say recognition spread across their faces in an instant when they saw colorful Disneyland luggage tags displayed.  Their names had been neatly printed on each tag, in anticipation of the upcoming adventure.

“WHAT!? We are going to Disneyland?!!” They all shouted out.  The kids who couldn’t read looked with confusion at the ones that could.  

“Yes, we sure are!” I said.

“PACK YOUR BAGS, WE ARE LEAVING TUESDAY!” Jon announced with a grin. “You have one day to clean up our Christmas trashed house and to pack your bags! We are going to visit

Mickey Mouse!”

So farewell my friends…

We are leaving in a few very short hours!  I think it would be fun to post a bunch of short blog posts from Disneyland over the next week from my iblogger on my phone! 

To be continued….. so stay tuned!