Merry Christmas Eve!

I am neck deep in gifts to wrap and planning a family service project.  Not even much time to chat, but I was wondering a few things.

ONE: does anyone know of a great Christmas Eve family service project that you would be willing to share with me?  I was thinking possibly visiting the old folks home with the kids, or buying sleeping bags for the homeless and delivering them … any thoughts?

And TWO: In my attempt to give back to the many sweet people that read my blog, I wanted to send some money in gift card form to those who need it the most.  I have in mind to send 20 gift cards via Amazon for $25 people…..TODAY.  I will be headed out of town and unable to send anymore after that …..SO…… if you are in need.  (not just “I’d love to have a new CD” in need, but really need the help) comment on this post with your email address and I will send you an amazon gift card so you can buy that last gift on your list.

For whatever reason, I am able to help some people this year.  I have been blessed other years when I have needed the help, but this is my year to return the favor.