(the following letter is one from Handsome’s NaNa written after the party. She told me that other letters may be coming from the other family that came. Also, ps… Na Na, I’m so happy you enjoyed your visit, and I’m sure you would love to know that Jordan will not let go of his pooh bear you gave him that he slept with as a baby, AND he loves the music cd you sent of your beautiful voice singing for him! Merry Christmas, and thanks again for your families sacrifice. ALSO, his elbow is fine after the Doctor at the hospital popped it back in. I told you he loves to dance, swing around, and wrestle with his sisters!!)

My dearest Jordan,

There are so many things that I would like to say or tell you but my heart is so full and I know that I will say what I feel and then in time realize that I have forgotten to tell you something, so here we go and if I do forget I know that with how amazing that your mom and dad are they will let me add more to your letter at a later time.

Seeing you yesterday was a blessing and not only you but your family. I now truly have found peace in my heart knowing that you are ok. I have always known, but yesterday was finally my closer to your placement. I have always known that you are where you need to be.

I love you more then you will ever know. God himself has given your family and our family a true gift this Christmas and that is for us, peace in knowing that you are ok and taken care of and loved. For your family a SON and also love and support for you a mom and a dad and stability that you need.

For a long time nana held a grudge on your mom for giving you up, but seeing you and seeing how well you are doing has given nana what she has always needed and that is peace of mind and love so that today I can say I forgive your mom. I will always be there my beautiful boy. I sing to you so that one day you will know that I will see you again and whinnie the pooh the one that I have been sleeping with every night since you have been home I give now to you so you know that I am there.

Seeing you with your cousins, letting me hold you and giving me hugs and kiss’s melted my heart. It was hard for me yesterday but easy at the same time. You are with a truly blessed family and you are where you need to be. I have my closure in knowing that you are okay but please know that I still love you with every square inch in my heart and that is being your nana and also your Mrs. Claus and just remember that I am always with you and watching. I love you my grandson and always will and I hope to see you sooner than later.

Love nana

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