Neither one of these are very good pictures.  They were taken with my phone as my kids wizzzzed by.  But the point in me showing them, is so you can be amazed with me at the difference in Handsome.

I can barely keep up with my blog these days, but I haven’t given an update on Handsome for quite a while, and I know there are many out there wanting and needing one. 


How would I explain this fine young man to you?  He is so many things.  He has talents and gifts and will be great strengths to him and others around him in his life.  He shows an extreme ability to listen to reason, even for a two year old.  Handsome is caring and kind.  If someone gets hurt, he will hug them and ask if they are ok.  He is determined, to a fault sometimes.  If he is working on a project (which he is a lot of the time) he doesn’t want to give it up.  He likes to finish, which is a great quality that I am still working on.  Handsome is very complimentary.  He is always telling his sisters and I what he likes about our hair, or outfit.  He will even go and pick out shoes that he thinks will work well with my outfit! 

He loves books

He caught me looking this time, but it is normal for me to find him reading books to himself.  Every night before bed he will say, “Mama, I’ll read for 15 minutes, and then you can turn off the light, ok?”  Now that he sleeps alone every night, this has been the trade off.  He usually loves to read about dinosaurs, the story about monkey’s jumping on the bed, the scriptures…!!, and lately he loves any Christmas story.  Of course, we read together also, but it is so cute to spy on him and listen to him tell his own stories.


Last week he decorated his very first Christmas tree!  I gave him some ornaments and started decorating the family tree next to it.  When I looked over, he had taken each bulb and slid the little circular piece down each twig.  He didn’t have any hooks, so this was his way to improvise!  It was so cute, and he is SO proud of his little tree.

Halle and Handsome are a really good team.  Halle Picked the tree, and Handsome decorated it.  They loved that we are using candy canes on our tree this year, because every time I turn around they are eating them.

I took Handsome to the Doctor a few weeks ago, and I love this picture of him standing against the measuring wall.  His shirt speaks the truth, he really is the “Worlds Best Brother” He is such a fun addition to our family.  Just last night Brighton said, “Mom, I hope I find a husband like Jordan someday.  He is so cute and fun!”  There couldn’t be any better compliment than that!  

He loved letting the doc check his heart beat.  On the walls in the Doctor’s office there was a knight in shining armor.  Handsome said, “I don’t like him, he is scary.”  I explained to him that knights are good and they slay the dragons.  Then he noticed the castle on the wall and said, “mama, look!  There is a dragon over there on the wall!”  “Yep!  The knight slays the dragon and saves the princess!”  “Ohhh, I like knights!  I’m a knight!”

“Yes you are, you are my night in shining armor!” and Handsome has run around ever since shouting, “I am a knight in shining armor! I will save you!”

The doctor said that all looked good and he was healthy.  He is current on his shots (thank you birth family) and on track for a great future!  To celebrate, Jon and I took Bug and Handsome to lunch.


What a fun set of twins!


Here is a video I took this summer. I’m uploading more of Handsome!

Merry Christmas!