Have you ever wished you could work in a Toy Store, where playing with fun toys, selling games, and organizing colorful candies would be considered work? 

I have.  

Maybe my wish originated with the movie “Willey Wonka” or “BIG”.  I’m not quite sure, but whatever the reason,  I was in heaven last Saturday when I was invited to BLICKENSTAFFS, a vintage toy and candy store in Orem, Utah to do just that!  OK OK, They didn’t actually let me work there, but I did get to visit with a bunch of other local bloggers to browse their amazing store and share many tantalizing, eye candy riddled with goodness shelves with our readers!


See what I mean?


And just wait until you get to see their candy selection! I wish you could actually taste it through the screen, because the strawberries tasted like strawberries,  and the snozberries tasted like snozberries!

Snozberries you ask?

Remember, as Willy Wonka put it perfectly…

“*WE* are the music makers, and *WE* are the dreamers of dreams.”




 Do you believe that people and animals come alive in the toy store at night? 

I do.  

The store made my inner child come alive, and I dare say that for the first time, after visiting Brickenstaffs, I am in the Christmas spirit, even before Thanksgiving.


And the toys?

The toys were fabulous.  They weren’t the basic run of the mill kind of toys you see everywhere.  They are the best kind of mix of vintage toys that I remember from my youth, and even before my time, up through the current most fun games and toys to play with.  I’m actually quite sure that elves themselves personally delivered their most prize masterpiece works of art.

Lucky for you, Blickenstaff’s just started selling toys online AND has big plans for the Holiday season complete with the 12 days of Christmas free give-a-ways!


 I just knew that my girls would give anything to catch a glimpse of this little “Groovy Girl” section.

How do I know?

Well, this is actually the store I take my kids to on special occasions.  Their dad has actually sneaks them inside as well, using them for an excuse to take a step back in time.  He loves getting them a little treat and models to put together on weekends (especially conference weekend).




I won this game SPOT ITto take home to my kids, and they love it!  It’s only $11.99! Seriously, it is a simple matching game but was a challenging for me AND my four year old.  I would highly recommend it, but still for the life of me can’t figure out how there is a matching symbol  on any two cards you pick up?…

And finally, here is the group of bloggers that I got to party with!


Would you believe me if I told you that BLICKENSTAFFSwas only our FIRST stop of the day? Well it was!  And at the end of the day, I was positive *as I already was* that it is the best vintage toy store in the west! Stay tuned to see the other fun places we visited…

AND, if you want to see all the fun give-a-ways they are doing during the holidays (now) you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube