We Partied all night long, yes we did!

I will actually have to post this party in a few different installments, because there is so much.  Between the candy, costume contest, food, balloons, cotton candy, photo booth, pumpkins to decorate, reptile show, and my favorite of all *dancing* We were hoppin’

{party rock anthem brought the house down}

It was hard for me to host over 300 people and take pictures, but I did my best.  The people were all so fun, coming from our business, kids school, neighborhood, and family.  

I was actually meeting people at my party, but isn’t that how it should be?! 

I think so.

Below are the winners of our costume contest!


Above is my darling husband, with my darling friend Sara Staker. Below is my crazy brother being a “blue man group-ie”

Above is my Brighton in the green tights, dressing up like an 80’s girl.  She tried to get me to buy her a costume and I said,


This is the group that settled down for the reptile show.  The faces on the kids, and the parents for that matter, was priceless! HUGE snakes, hairy black spiders, nice turtles, scary lizards and more, joined our spooooky party.


See the cute snow white?  Yep, that’s my mom! The bee is my sister in law and the elephant is my niece.


I know the man above (my dad) wouldn’t be considered to be wearing a comical costume, especially since he had a really scary mask that went with it BUT because it is my dad,  it really funny!  He is so far from mean and scary, it makes me laugh.


Ella’s costume was the worst kind of mommy making costume failure!  For whatever reason, the blue paint that was supposed to stick to her skin and only her skin, didn’t do that.  SO, we ended up with a very messy girl that left her mark wherever she went.  

Smurfette was still darling none the less!


Yes my lovie Handsome had the pick of the whole huge Halloween store, and chose to be 

“Thomas the Train”

 He kept picking up lightning McQueen and saying “I wanna be this!” and then looking over at Thomas.  Eventually Thomas won the toss up, I think mostly because he has Lightning McQueen PJ’s he wears every night and it wasn’t as new to him.

But seriously, isn’t he HANDSOME?! He will be a heart breaker some day with his huge smile, big brown eyes, and great sense of humor. Not to mention the fact that he will KNOW how to treat girls with all of his sisters leading the way!

And my other darling son in law…haha the word still makes me laugh!