I have been trying to upload Halloween pictures this morning for an hour now, and blogger is not having it!  I am not sure what the issue is.  So I gave up and decided to share this little sign with you.  

Did you ever have a friend that ran away from you in a funny/scary situation?  

I have.  

There is this place called Gilgal Garden in Salt Lake City, or “The Rock Garden” the name we used. 

The first time I went, I jumped over the fence behind the old Chuck-a-rama with my old boyfriend Brian and our friend Greg.  It was pitch black and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I have an adventurous bone, or two, or three in my body, and I was up for the blood racing challenge.

At first it looked like a nice little park behind a house, but as we walked around and checked it out, 

it became creepier and EVEN creepier!  I remember walking close to each other and quietly reading the words carved into the rocks.  {we were there illegally, without the owners consent} I remember the grasshopper by a dismembered head FREAKING me out, mixed with random scripture…this guy was messed up.  There was a HUGE statue of the man that carved it all, and he seamed to glare down at us as we tiptoed around.  Each step over what seemed to be 30 minutes (probably 10) got my heart beating so fast I couldn’t handle it.  

And then it happened.

The wind picked up, or did it?  The swing set started to squeak back and forth … Brian started to run.  RUN away from me as fast as he could to the fence to jump it.  Greg ran….and I ran!! I was in the back and never thought I would make it out alive.  I jumped that fence faster then I ever thought possible.  Gave Brian a slug in the arm, and vowed to never trust him in a scary situation again as we ran away laughing.

Not too long after that, I took all my girlfriends to do the same thing.

We didn’t last as long though, one noise and I was the first one out of there.  I still remember them all screaming my name.

JANAE……………..!!!  DON’T LEAVE US!!!