This my friends,  is my Grandma.

She is beautiful in many ways.  It was so fun to find this picture on facebook that my cousin 

*Lincoln Palmer* took.  It captures so perfectly her humor, patience, and love for everyone around her.

I have never heard my Grandma Gourley speak  badly of anyone.  She is fully accepting and non-judgmental.  She looks past differences that others may find a problem, and sees a person for who they are.  Over the past 15 years since my Grandpadied, we have all had the chance to know her just a little bit better.  Because she was so supportive of her husband, we didn’t get to hear her voice quite enough. And what a great voice it is!

Grandma Great has never ever missed sending a birthday card to four children, about 18? grandchildren, and heaven only knows how many great grand children.  I love opening up the mailbox each birthday so I can marvel at her perfect timing.

I love you Pearl.

You are truly a Hot Tamale

*inside and out*

Don’t worry *my friends waiting for Halloween Pictures* They are coming, but take longer to post because there are SO many from the party and Halloween night.