Post 800?


So I’ve still been thinking over the A.D.D. thing.

Does everyone I know, already know I have A.D.D. and they just aren’t telling me?

It’s no wonder our home is the way it is with a million things and people going on!

Even Jon has jumped on the band wagon and thinks it’s really funny that I am thinking I’m A.D.D.

“Really Janae, you are shocked?  You are like the dog on the movie “UP….SQUIRREL!”

and as I tried to talk to him about our day he kept saying “squirrel!” every time I would shift thoughts.

He my friends, has no room to talk.  It must be why we can deal with each other.

Anyway, Jon planned a surprise for me this weekend because he has been gone most of the month of October for business.  He said, “So I have tentative plans set up in three different places. 


Las Vegas for a cirque de soleil show, 

Wyoming to our cabin in quiet and peace so we can visit all the antique stores that we usually can’t visit in Jackson, or six flags.  Room service, movies, massages…

We are going to flip the coin and GO tonight!”

So are you wondering where I am going?

So am I!!

We haven’t flipped that coin yet!

My sister is set up to stay with the kids, but I don’t know how to pack.  I would love to do any of the above, but honestly I am kind of leaning toward our cabin.  Although it will be 7 degrees, it is so comfy cosy and every time we go, we talk about coming alone someday.

We shall see!