I just wrote on my facebook that I “officially diagnosed myself with adult onset A.D.D.” 

I was laughing about it, but one friend took me seriously and sent me info that she has it, and ways she deals with it.  I responded “How do I know if I had just the mommy kind of A.D.D. from being busy and distracted, or the real kind?

I pushed “SEND”

looked at the half cleaned out medicine cabinet I started this morning

saw the tabs on my lap top, things I was in the middle of “new blog design, gmail, etc.”

glanced over at my half paid bills

I’m looking now at my ironing with ONE shirt left to do

realizing my kids are done with lunch, I need to clean that up

updating my facebook status on my iphone

oh, and add the dates for the soccer games while I’m at it

you see, I am always busy. I have to wonder if I am spinning my wheels or being productive.  Mommy A.D.D or Clinical A.D.D. that was never addressed.  My hubby definitely falls into that category.  Is it just because he is worse than I am that I never considered myself distracted?

No wonder we GET each other…?

Funny thing is that many of the things my friend said that helped out A.D.D I actually already do.

read before bed

exercise in the morning

clean in the afternoon…

anyone with experience with this?

Just sayin’


and yes, I still need to blog about Fall Break at the cabin

our Halloween party

Hallowen night, and many other things.

love you, 


ps. I just took an online survey and scored a 55 chance of having adult.  A.d.d. Then I felt like I wasn’t being honest with myself and took it again scoring a 74…hmmm 

pps. I just realized I couldn’t make it through the whole post without downloading and showing you a picture from my phone that I liked.  I’m pathetic. I think I am more distracted than hyper though..? any imput, don’t hurt my feelings though…haha