Is it funny that I am high right now?  

I think it is…probably because I am high.

I just got back from the Dentist, Mr. Leishman….Rick to be exact.

I was sucking in laughing gas for a while and I think it is still in my system.  Scary because I just drove home and even sat in the parking lot for a minute before I dared drive.

Thank goodness for laughing gas, because I don’t want to know what happened inside of my mouth.  All I know was that it was great.  I have never been a druggie, never even tried drugs…but after today, I can see why people choose to zone out and take them if they don’t know how to deal with their life in a healthy way.

The room was spinning and I think it was good there were lines on the ceiling from the tiles because it was the only thing that made me stop going in circles.  Everyone seemed different..far away.  I was distant somehow and I felt liquid…almost like I was the air.  Not a person…a substance…

“am I real?

Why did I ever care what anyone has ever thought of me?  Who cares what people think anyway… am I asleep?  No I don’t think so, Why do they keep telling me that I can shut my mouth now?  Is it open?  Am I going to get in trouble for sucking this nitrous in?  Can they tell I am enjoying it?  Did Ella just say something to me?  I laughed… and shook my head a while later…to late for her question I am sure.  I think she asked if I hurt.  No no…no hurt.  None at all.  I remember blue water, swimming in water.  my head swimming, not me.  Did I ever care about stressful things?  Do I have any stress?  Do I have kids?  I swear I had some, how many are there..? 123 I heard my kids talking about it.  Wow…I really have 6 girls and one boy?  I must be crazy…that woman must be crazy, no kids are fun…so much fun…they never do bad..they are kids…hahah I hear them laughing.  I love the sound of laugh…it’s us happy, and attractive…and yes, I like laughing.  It’s a good thing I didn’t do drugs because I’m thinking I need a lot of crowns in my mouth right now.  Crown Crown…lots of crowns, you can call me Queen for all I care, It’s a good thing nobody can hear my thoughts..yes it is.  But What if they can?  Oh…I don’t care…. calm, swimming, numb,..I think I need some pink Floyd.  I am going to request some music.  What was that Rick said, “It always feels better if you can’t feel it.”..I tried real hard to remember that until I got home and I could write it down for you.  I think it went like that.  Smart dentist….

and then I had to pee. Was this real or was I imagining it?  no no, I had to pee… will I pee my pants in front of everyone because I don’t have any muscle strength to care?  maybe, do I care…?  No I don’t think I even care. But then I had to care, and luckily I was done just in time to make it to the bathroom swaying back and forth, and everyone asked if I was OK, and I was… I felt great. I barely made it to that toilet.

As my mind starts to clear, I laugh as I remember random thoughts I had on the gas.  Too bad I can’t always write my blog high, now that would be entertaining!  Don’t do drugs kids…but do get the gas on your nose if you have a crown replaced.

And that is my 2 cents for the day…now excuse me while I go and take a nap.

But before I do that…I feel the need to share this video with you…haha I totally can sympathize with this kid!