I’ve been planning our 7th annual Halloween Party for this Friday, and it’s gonna be a blast!

It started out kind of normal, and then I realized that I had trade at an event center named “Noah’s” where you can rent out rooms for parties…and it got bigger.

I made invitations that are darling *if I do say so myself*, complete with a wax seal.   The kids and I sat around the table making them together for hours….and it got bigger.

and then a photo boothI didn’t really mean to, but I ordered a D.J.

then along came the reptile show…

and when Jon asked me if I had hired a balloon guy, and I told him I spent my budget for the party, 

he told me to find one anyway……so I found me a balloon guy. 

It’s kind of like “If you Give a Pig a Pancake” Party style.

Hopefully I won’t be so exhausted by the time it’s over that I won’t have any pictures.  

We shall see!

What plans do you have for Halloween?  What traditions do you keep?  What is a favorite Halloween memory?  Somehow I need to get my readers talking, because I am the only one.  I still can’t get the “ask Janae Column” going because nobody will ask a question!

Also, remember that the free“Help Me Grow” event is coming up on Saturday for infants to age 3.