I don’t think I’ll be around to blog tomorrow, or Friday for that matter.  I am flying away, far far away to Oregon in the a.m.  


Ok Ok, my view probably won’t look quite like this one, but it will look like this.

I am going to a “Help Me Grow” conference to hear some very talented and caring people speak.  Of course I will give you the run down next week.  I am not sure how I will help out yet, but I was invited so I am going.  I have been contacted by some great people trying to do some great things.  I am quite sure I will be involved with helping children in my community somehow, but that is as far as I can see ahead.  Phil Marriot of (Marriot Hotels) contacted me and we have some plans.

When I know what they are exactly, I will share more.

Maybe some writing, maybe some networking….we shall see.  Anyway, one step at a time into my future.  So I was wondering, is there anyone out there on Oregon reading my blog?  What will the weather be like?  What should I wear?  I think Oregon is a BEAUTIFUL place and may end up staying.  Not really, I’ll be back by Friday night just in time for a 10K race I am not ready for at 7 am, ballroom dance lessons for Whit at 9, a soccer game at 10, a funeral at 11, another soccer game at 12, and possibly playing with the kids that evening.

a busy day…few days….

So tah tah for now, tootaloo, and chow.