“Mama, I love you so much, I smiled at you the whole time I was in your tummy.”

That one comment from Bug last night made every crazy second of motherhood worth it.  Don’t we all wonder what things our kids remember or the things they think?  I’m not saying that she recalls staring at my uterus walls and giving a big teethy grin, but I am saying that is how she chose to tell me she loved me and I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever heard.  So cute in fact that I posted it on facebook, and my Pink Moss facebook, and on my twitter account, and now I blog about it.  I love the way kids express their world around them!

Saturday was Ella’s Baptism, and boy it was a day!  It was busy and beautiful.  Spiritual and well…busy.  


Remember how my mom makes beautiful porcelin dolls for baptisms and weddings?

Well she does, and not only makes the doll but also makes the dress and in this case also made Ella’s dress.  the lace is hand/machine made and the dress matches the dolls perfectly.

What a lucky girl!

(you can tell she knows it too)


I asked her to spin…


and spin

and spin

keep spinning!


Cause that’s what I used to love to do when my mom made me a twirly kind of dress!

and I think Ella Agreed…

and then she started a feelin’a bit tipsy


But she kept going


until I thought she would tip right over


and finally we decided to move onto the next part of the photo shoot

Until Handsome decided to show us his new orange tie

So we decided to let him pose for a minute or two

and then B showed up


and whit took some pictures of the kids while I ran inside to get ready




and then I jumped in for a few



and I couldn’t pass up the chance to get one of Amy and her sweet Haily.

and to top it off, we all went to eat after at the kids favorite Chuck a rama and followed it up with Lion King 3D

and this next picture had absolutely nothing to do with anything other than Camille had her anniversary and I loved the picture!  

Happy anniversary Camille!