Do you remember the last time I reported on my shopping experience with the littles?  I buckled those two stinkers up in the red car at Macy’s grocery store and set off to shop. It was all fun and games until Handsome spotted something he wanted and totally freaked out.

This time I went to Walmart and buckled them in this weird seat contraption hooked to the cart.  It wasn’t any better.  By the time I actually reached the check out I had purchased several items I don’t recall putting in the cart…

I wonder why?



Yes, they were caught red handed throwing things in the cart when they thought I wasn’t looking!


In other news, my nephew Carter was accepted to the “Make A Wish” Foundation and picked to go to Disney World for his special wish!! We couldn’t be more happy for him.  He and his family deserve any happy surprise they can get!

Congrats Carter!

Mickey will be lucky to meet you!

And you know our little friend Bronson?  He is also doing really well!  We celebrated his 3rd birthday at his house yesterday complete with a reptile show and a 3 foot cake that looked like a snake!  WOW, it was a 3 year olds DREAM party!  

Bronson is a lucky and blessed little guy to be so healthy, but we are even more lucky to have him celebrate this birthday with us.  Jordan LOVED all of the snakes and HUGE lizards, and most of all the countless boys running around!

See little man Bronson on the chair?  and my beautiful friend Sara hosting this rip roaring kiddo party?  Yes, it was pretty perfect!



Hopefully I can get my hands on the beautiful pictures she took of the party so I can share them.  She is a photographer and took some darling pictures of the whole group and the reptile guests.  My iphone just doesn’t do it justice!


 and I thought I’d share a quick pic of my fireplace all decked out in fall decor.

and my mom in the mountains a few days ago…

and while digging through my iphone pics, I came across some of my birthday pictures.  Happy 36 in green beans for dinner? Nothing more creative!  Thanks Whit!

and then I have this darling friend named Melinda that made me this even DARLINGER necklace!  Thanks SNOW!


and then I have this awesome friend named Jon that never goes half way in anything.  Together he and Joel my “brown uncle” made me feel like queen for a day by singing to me at a huge Polynesian luau in the BYU parking lot before the big game against the University of Utah.

I’m not kidding, they had a buddy from the NFL donate an amazing set up complete with two huge big screen TV’s, couches, catering supplies, a sound system, tents, and stuff to actually roast the pigs all for the tail gate party each time.  It’s for all the family members of their family and friends of the players that can’t get tickets.  I went fully neutral, not caring if BYU or the U won.  After seeing how bad BYU lost, I started feeling bad for them!

54 to 10 or something crazy like that!


I was quite embarrassed when Joel introduced me as his boss…even though it is kind of true, all the 

*at least 100 people* were looking at me like “yea right!” Joel is THE nicest guy you will ever meet and is respected by all that know him.


and last but not least, the card from Grandma Great that arrives every year on THE day of my birthday!  She doesn’t miss one birthday clear down through her great grand kids, and believe me there are a lot!


I love that lady!

Oh and one more tid bit of great birthday news:

Jon and the girls bought me some darling cowgirl boots that are hand stitched in sky blue and fall orange flowers.  They are to die for and will have to be highlighted at a later date.

Good night my friends!