I walked into my Ella’s room a few nights ago and found this all over her walls…


There were more, but you get the point!

My Ella LOVES holidays and LOVES to decorate.  She is a chip off the ol’ block in many ways.  My parents have said before that out of all my girls, she reminds them the most of me when I was little.  She is pretty much usually happy, and calm.  She is clumsy and fun loving.  She is sensitive and patient. These are some of my good traits… I also have my bad like anyone else.

I am distracted and forgetful, flighty and have a hard time finishing, basically read the “YELLOW” personality in the color code book…or more precisely the “ENFP” in the kiersy temperament sorter.  

One thing I don’t relate with Ella is her competitive side. 

She got that one from her dad and it is so funny to watch.  The other night we were at a BYU football game and she said, “Yes yes yes GET HIM GET HIM!!! oh no oohhh ohhh”

I asked her what was wrong and she said,

“Well, you know how I really love violence and then I feel bad after?”

You see, she has a war going on inside and it’s funny to watch.











and this is what her face looked like when I explained how football scoring works, and that she was rooting for the team that was 10 and the other one was 54…