Man oh Man

Did I ever tell you that September first is my January first?  Well, it is.  Some are rejuvenated by a new year.  Not me.  I am jump started into a new beginning by fall leaves, apple cider, smelly spice candles, and crisp air.  I breathe a bit easier when the temperature hovers around 75 degrees and I can layer, or not.  No sweat dripping down my back or feeling not so fresh for me.  I love watching football and soccer in the fall, and not because I am a huge sports fan so much, but because I love the atmosphere.  Excited people cheering for “their team”and parents bellowing for “their kid”.

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Yes, I am happy.

Did I mention it is my birthday in September?  Well it is.  My  birthday lands on the most perfect day of the year, in my opinion.  September 17th.  Every year I swear the leaves won’t be changing by my big day, but they are.  Every. Year.  The colors are breathtaking and hiking fills my soul with a smile and my mind is clear and calm.  My creative juices start flowing, prompting me to redecorate my house and start planning my annual Halloween party where no less than 50 people tromp the Pink Moss grounds.

I guess you could say that even my blog is getting some thought.  How can I revamp, update, and keep it fresh?  Some ideas I have had are to: shhhhh…..

{start an online Pink Moss store} or 

{do one give away a week} or 

{high light crafts on my blog that are sent in by you to share from etsy etc} or

{A Dear Janae Column, where I answer whatever random question you have}

Any ideas?

Let me know if you have a vote.  I actually bought the domain name today {}  No, nothing is there but I am considering.  I thought it would be a fun way to share the things I find and love?  

Just a thought.


Source: via Janae on Pinterest

Maybe, just maybe I’ll put it up for vote on the side bar. 

By Golly, I think I will! 

So, don’t be shy. Please vote! I want to know what my readers want.  There are 400-600 people that visit me here on Pink Moss A DAY.  Let me know what you think. OK?