meet my hair design team. together they work magic! I have put in and taken out extensions for TEN years! back when I first did it, it was next to unheard of. people thought I was crazy. Now, I see extensions everywhere. extensions on eyelashes and heads everywhere I turn. The good thing is that the methods have gotten so much better over the years. The bad news is they are addicting and expensive.

It’s a good thing Jon is just as addicted as I am. I usually take them out for the summer and put them back in during the fall. Whenever they come out, I feel bald. I get so used to the thick long hair, so accustomed In fact, I swear I actually grew them!

so call me vain, call me spoiled or fake, I deserve it, BUT not enough to quit enjoying my bought hair.

the best part about it?

if I ever commit a crime, the hair on the scene would give them DNA to many different women – not just my own.

the other best part?

extensions hold a style for DAYS. It takes forever to style it the first day but then it holds curls forever.

and that is pretty perfect to me!

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