*picture from Vogue.com*

I found this picture and thought it would be fun to try it with my girls.  The use of a variety of colors and linear tribal patterns jumped out at me and screamed

“Pink Moss!” 

My girls will love this, so I did a little research.  All you need is a little 




Start by painting two coats of nail polish on your nails and let it dry completely.  Shake the nail pen several times, press the tip against a piece of paper to dispense the color, and apply whatever design to your cute little nails that you want!  Don’t worry about making mistakes because you can wipe away the paint while it is still wet.  When you are satisfied with your art work, let the paint dry and finish it off with a top coat. 



Here is another picture I found online for a fun example.  I am trying this one for sure 

*not sure if it will look much the same, but worth a shot*

Tools: For the base coat, Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Sunset Orange, $4.91, available at Drugstores; for the blooms and leaves, Milani Nail Art Precision Brushes in Green Sketch and Yellow Design, $3.99, available at Cherry Culture; for the outlines, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black, $7, available at Drugstores; any clear topcoat.

After applying a base color and waiting for it to dry, make two to
three messy splotches in a bright color with your precision brush. Add
one to two isosceles triangles in green. Don’t worry if things look
sloppy at this stage. Once it dries, use the Nail Art pen to draw “V”s
over the green leaves, and spiral squiggles around the flowers to mimic
petals. After it dries, apply a top coat, admire, and then be prepared
to field compliments.


I used to use my mom’s acrylic paints when I was in Junior High and High school to paint things anywhere from flowers and polka dots to the American Flag and words.  Who would have known I was just ahead of the curve AND could have made millions on my idea?!