This is the view from our cabin looking into the sky.

When the wind really gets a blowin’ the lodge poll pines sway in the breeze, back and forth several feet way above your smallish body, in comparison to these old giants. If you let your imagination get away with you, it is very possible to believe they will actually tilt so far one way that they will fall.

and this is the view you get when you look down at the ground on a dark cool night.  Sometimes there are s’mores, other times hot dogs, but there are always people surrounding the flames.  Tales of experiences had or songs passed down from my mom, are my favorite.  There is nothing like a camp fire to put you into a reflective, calm mood.


and these are some of the sweet faces that I see when I look around …



and just try to walk into the cabin without walking right smack dab into a whole army. 

The generals of course would be these little guys…


and if you are lucky, you might see the scariest face that Jon makes.

Seriously, check out the size of those eye balls!

And if you are talented enough to make it through the night, you will be free to run through the trees as you eat cookies.  And if you are my sister and very super lucky, these faces would be your view each day when you woke up.

Now that’s a good job to have!


and if you are a bugar and have someone this cute “pick” you…

This would be your view!

and can you believe how NaNa must feel having a view of all these little bodies..her grand kids?  

She agrees with me that she must still be 35.  In fact, I think we must be the same age….always.



and if your job is to be Nana, then you just might have grandsons looking over your shoulder as you pick the latest and greatest Spiderman graphic to embroider on their next present.




Honestly, it took me a while to figure out what my dad was doing in this picture.  Then, it hit me!  Paul, my brother in law was turning the big 30 the next day and my dad was already starting to celebrate!

And what better way to celebrate than to get into your swimsuit, with your leather belt to hold them up and fly fish in a remote lake in the Wyoming mountains?!  I died laughing when I saw his outfit because it looked like something from a Chip and Dales dance club!





and if these gals are making the water look warm and smooth…it was probably the same temperature as the glacier water that flows into it.


Seriously…? Can I just jump into the picture and squeeze her again?

(my sister’s baby Jayne)


(the beautiful mama)


 (and my beautiful mama)


 Off walks Paul to find the perfect fishing hole with the grasshoppers my Ella caught.









I think Jackson is praying that he will make it safely back to shore

 I love the stars glistening in the water.  

DJ is my star looking just like his daddy. Couldn’t I please just take him home?!




And if you are Maddie (madzilla) this is your view from the log.  

Her crazy aunt nae nae wouldn’t let her be alone until I had a few pictures.  Too bad the sun was so hard to get some great pictures with, but she is still so dang cute it doesn’t matter!

But possibly my favorite view of the whole trip was when Kinley found an old wooden raft that was left in the lake and pushed her sisters around like Mark Twain would envision.

I just realized I still have iphone pictures to add, but that will have to be later today! 

I am out of time, but I couldn’t end this post without acknowledging Whitney for taking some of the pictures.  It is so fun to have another set of eyes looking for great shots!

Thanks Whit!