I am swimming in news to share, but I will have to take it one stroke at a time.

It’s Friday?  Yes, Friday.  Unbelievable.  Where did the week go?  The kids have been in school for their first full week and I’m still playing catch up.  It usually takes me two weeks to feel like I have my footing again in the home.  I have also been so lucky to have my neighbor and friend Sarah nanny my kids some this summer to earn money for college.  So, I took advantage of my last free week and played a bit.  

Monday I worked out at 6-7 with Mat “the trainer”.  It’s a boot camp style workout and so awesomely tiring and worth it!  I came home, got the kids ready for school, made breakfast and lunch…and dropped them off.  Handsome asked all day, “Where is my siser Whitney?  Where is my siser Kinley?  Where is my siser Brighton?  Where is my siser Ella?  Where is my siser Halle????  Next I went to our office for meetings, which is so fun for me.  I love seeing our sales team grow and learn together.  We hired a company named Griffin Hill that coaches once a week and helps us track stats.  They are (Brad) is an amazing guy, and it’s a very effective system.  Usually I only see our employees at Christmas time.  I stand up before our big party, tell them thank you for their hard work and usually tear up because I am very sincere.  I know how hard these people work, they are amazing!

Halle always says “AWKWARD!” so when I saw this shirt, I had to buy it for her!

Tuesday I visited my sister Camille in Bountiful with Handsome.  We got the chance to walk through the model home she will be building!  I am so excited for her, it will be so beautiful!  She has a son a little older than Handsome and they LOVED playing together.  It was so cute to watch them equally being excited about rocks, sticks, and cars.  Although he doesn’t have any brothers, he is lucky to have a few boy cousins his age.  Later that day I picked up the kids and drove to soccer and other activities they were involved in.  Homework is now on the agenda each day and I have missed being diligent in reading with the kids every day.




Brighton recently played in the Adidas Cup and WON the whole tournament!

She is the “keeper” and the pressure on the “keepers” parent is almost torturous!  Luckily she takes pressure well and had some amazing blocks.  Once she jumped up to block it and barely tipped it off with her fingers that sent it barely over the back of the post.  Diving for the ball is just part of her game.  What a tough chick!

Wednesday I played again, this time with Tiff.  We were planning on our normal hike but I wanted to change it up a bit, so we hiked Stuart Falls up by Sundance.  It was spectacular and so perfect.  The temperature was perfect settling in the 80’s.  The falls spayed  me in the face with the breeze through the canyon.  There were wild raspberries that Tiff talked me into eating the peaceful clicking of the aspen leaves made me smile.  The wild flowers smelled and looked so great.  The smell of the stream… I could go on and on.  To top it off, Tiff took me to lunch at Sundance and I had a smoothie and sandwich to die for.  Later that day I played with Handsome, picked up the kids and drove another set of kids to soccer, played cards with them, Homework, and bed.

It stinks that these are iphone pictures, but I didn’t want to carry my camera.




(I’ve had issues with eating wild berries ever since I picked a ton of cherries, put them in a bowl, ate a bunch, woke up the next morning to find big white worms crawling around on them!!)

Thursday I went for a run, and later had a meeting with some people Jon and I are looking at doing business with.  The guys are really nice and it went well.  We just have some major decisions ahead of us in the business area.  We have weeded out unnecessary businesses and spending so we can build RBM (our building maintenance company).  Thus far we have been spread thin and distracted.  It’s the entrepreneur curse, to love to build businesses and end up being pulled in a million directions.  We are finally ready to focus, and I am really positive this will pay off. It already is.  Later we went to Thanksgiving point to meet Andrew Bybee to talk more business (which I am finding out ends up being a story telling time about Bears and Fishing)  Business is relationships, nothing more nothing less.  I came home, played with the kids for a few hours and went to the University of Utah Football game.  This is the first year they are in the ‘Pack 12’ which is a big deal I hear…It was so fun to hang out with Amy (my sister in law) Scott, Syd and Scott, and Jon of course!


Some people in these parts believe you have to pick out of BYU or University of Utah. 

I pick both.  Maybe if I had gone to school one place or the other I would be more partial to one.

I do have to admit though, it was nice to hear a swear word here and there

*you wouldn’t get that at BYU* 

Not that I have a major trucker mouth, but I don’t mind things spiced up a bit now and then.



And well, today is Friday.  I woke up at 5:30 again and went to Boot camp.  It was HARD today to drag myself out of my comfy bed, but Mat “the trainer’s) face kept popping in my head.  I went for him today, not me.  I am assuming this is why it is smart to work out with other people!  I haven’t decided if we are headed up to our cabin for the next several days, or staying in town to visit the Timpanogus Story telling Festival with the kids.  Both of which I love but I’m not feeling it in me to pack everyone and drive half of our Labor Day vacation, so we will see! 

Have a great weekend!


*and try to park better than I have lately*

Jon made me sneak a picture of my crappy parking job…hilarious!