Can I just say that I have been completely absorbed in this book?! 

Not only this book, but the other two in the trilogy *The Hunger Games*.

I haven’t been this engrossed in a series since Harry Potter and my poor kids have paid for it.  I was on the final few chapters tonight and Handsome walked outside in front of our house and asked Rosy,

“I wanna wear this!” and it was a Maxi Pad.

Good thing Rosy loves me and brought him back to me.  Handsome has always had a special place in his heart for her.  After he came to live with us almost a year ago, Rosy came over to meet him.  It was obvious right from the start that he thought she was either his biological mom or nana because he screamed and ran over to her and jumped into her arms.  He hadn’t acted this way with anyone else and she does look quite a bit like them.  

It has always been cute to watch him love her up when he sees her. 

Anyway, back to the books.

The classic tale of a girl trying to choose between two boys that she loves, death, adventure, action, suspense…it was a great way to help me get through the last few weeks of summer.  A mental break from reality and I would recommend the books to anyone. 


I just returned from a quick overnight adventure to the St. Regis Deer Valley resort in Park City.  I am sure it was a man that planned the event for Peterson Partners because it was on the first night of school for the kids.  We were honored to be invited as a guest.  Luckily I was able to be there when they got home from school the first day and then back before they were home the next day.  The conference was WELL worth the time it took out of my week.  The people there were unbelievably successful in business in many different areas.  Some were investors, and some were CEO’s of companies.  They had phenomenal speakers, General Stanly McCrystal, Row Moriarty, Bret Comolli that owns “esure” that took his company from 10 million to 4 billion, Randy Hales the owner of mighty light, Joel Peterson from Peterson Partners, that also teaches at Harvard and more.

  It was motivational, informative, and so nice to be around other crazy people like us that are working to build a business.  I met a darling girl that I could see being great friends with at the dinner the night before the conference that was full of life and so great to talk to.   Jon and I believe we have a lot to do, and we are just beginning to attack our path in business.  It was weird being one of only 4 women in a roomful of 50 or so men, but that’s ok.  I have helped Jon build RBM since I was 18, and I can’t imagine spending my time by the pool like the rest of the wives.


Check out this hotel St. Regis

It’s at the top of the mountain.  The building at the bottom just houses the tram to take you to the top! Never a dull moment.  I have just resided myself to the fact that we both love to jump into new things with two feet.  We could choose a more calm and planned life, but neither of us want that.

We want to live day to day setting goals and working together to achieve them.

This is how we are happy.