It’s official.

The summer has come to an end and I feel somewhat like a pregnant lady in the 40th week of pregnancy.  Ready, over ready for school to start.  I love summer with the kids, and I love when they go back.  We spent today going through every drawer and closet organizing  the clothes and changed sizes from room to room again.  Afterward we went swimming across the street at our sweet neighbors house.  She lets us pop on over whenever we like.

Jon and I just got back from taking all the kids to back to school night.  I signed up for four parent teacher conferences in a row, treats alternating on holidays for each class, and have signed my life away promising to be an outstanding parent.  Helping with reading, math, spelling, memorizing lines and volunteering int he classes…here we go again.

Kinley just had her first experience with a public high school and we spent about an hour laughing at the differences.  I was interested to see her reaction because I knew it would be funny.  I went to public high school and loved it, and told Jon that *fine* we could send them to private school when they were younger so they could have lots of help *with only 12 kids in a class at the most* ….but not high school.  Dances, football games, diversity, … it’s all part of the growing up experience.  

(speaking of growing up, check out Kineyl at age 4!)

Here are the differences she mentioned.

* “Mom, the bathrooms were dis cus ting!* She is used to pictures, plants and candles in the    bathrooms.

* “I almost fell over twice being knocked by so many people in the halls* She had 10 total in her junior high!

* “Mom, this is what my Biology teacher said….” “Kids, Shut UP.  It is Shut up time.  I will ring your neck if you talk, I will ring your neck if you touch your pencils.. maybe I shouldn’t say shut up, nahh…you are old enough SO SHUT UP…” Kinley and I laughed and laughed, especially when we looked at Whitney with her huge eyes.  Then she said, “maybe I like my uniform!”

* “Mom, the principal was talking about lady gaga and my teacher played the radio during class! We could use our phones…it was crazy!”  You see, my kids are not used to any of this.  Their schools are so quiet, I knew it would be a culture shock.  No swearing, no name calling…actually 3 strikes for the entire school year or you were kicked out.  

*  “Mom, there were so many kids, and I didn’t know anyone so I walked around and talked to all the of the kids that were alone.”  Also told me the story…”We had a get to know you day and we had to write down things we enjoyed.  When they read out loud that I liked snowboarding, and surfing behind the boat, and girl said, “Wow they will have buff legs…!”  She about died when she found out is was Kinley.  So did the boys in the class… we go!  The crushes begin

So there you have it.

It will just be Jordan and I at home alone.  I think he will be so lonely at first being used to all the kids at home all summer.  Halle is gone until 11:30 every day, so we will have plenty of time to read books and visit the park.  

Let the games begin!