Everyone loves a Parade



I usually can’t stand a parade.  The hot sticky ground, blazing sun encouraging sweat to roll down your back, loads of people fighting for space with their chairs. yuck.  But I do however love the parade in Alpine Wyoming.  It lasts about 30 minutes and is right off the hill from our cabin.  We load up, drive on our four wheelers about 10 minutes before it starts and enjoy the best seat in town.  Half of the town is actually in the parade, so it’s a good thing we visit so the moose aren’t the only ones eating the salt water taffy.


of course Robert H. Knows everyone in town.

Grandma Ginny assumed her usual place to enjoy the passers by, at one point a really old man on a horse actually checked her out!  When we told her, she just grinned as if not surprised.  I’ve always wondered if as I age I will think old men are cute because I’m old, or if I still think men 40 years younger than my wrinkly body are cuter…?

Time will tell, and if I still blog when I’m 80 I’ll let you know!



Later that day we headed down to Palisades Reservoir for our annual fireworks show!  Once again, Jon went a little crazy at the store but I didn’t hear anyone complain 

{except for our CFO a few weeks later when she was going over purchases at our office}

We couldn’t find a way to write it off of course…

umm food and entertainment?? nope.

I love lighting off fireworks on the shores of a lake.  The lights reflect across the water as the moon watched over head.







This is the only picture I got of Kinley.

I took a bunch when Jordan and Halle were playing with sparklers, but it when the real show started I didn’t take anymore.  Plus, the kids seemed to be hiding from me, I’m not sure why?




and Grandma Ginny?

She was in the car again watching the huge fireworks in safety.  I don’t really blame her, we were lighting off stuff that is only legal in Wyoming, Stadium firework kind of stuff.  Jon and I have a little pyro in us, and I loved lighting off the huge ones when I got a chance.

Alas, we have a whole year until I can justify that again.

Happy Fourth of July *in August!*